The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Release Date is Now Official

Roll down your windows, as we are back with more good news! The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 is coming with new cases this summer. Mickey Haller, L.A.’s most well-liked defense attorney, is set to astound with his intellect in a fast-paced drama. The Lincoln Lawyer, an American legal drama streaming television series, is based on Michael Connelly’s 2008 novel The Brass Verdict, which itself is a sequel to The Lincoln Lawyer—a book. With a star-studded cast, The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 is going to be a treat for those who crave intense legal dramas.

What Is the Release Date of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

Netflix revealed its plan regarding the release date of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 in June 2023. The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 consists of two parts. The first part will be available on July 6, 2023, followed by Part 2 on August 3, 2023.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2: Episodes

Given that Season 1 had ten episodes, the upcoming second chapter of the series will also have ten episodes. However, as the season is divided into two parts, fans will have to wait until August to binge-watch the entire season.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Release Date is Now Official
The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Release Date is Now Official

Cast Members in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

The cast members of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 will be reprising their roles. The first season was a megahit, and each performance was applauded by the spectators. However, the upcoming season is the most anticipated in terms of storyline, cast, production, direction, etc. The first installment has arguably set the standard so high that fans are not considering settling for less. Let’s see who is appearing in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2.

  • Matt Angel
  • Ntare Guma
  • Krista Warne
  • Mbaho Mwine
  • Angélica María
  • Jazz Raycole as Izzy Letts
  • Becki Newton as Lorna Crane
  • Lana Parrilla as Lisa Trammell
  • Yaya DaCosta as Andrea Freeman
  • Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller (a defense attorney in Los Angeles)
  • Neve Campbell as Maggie McPherson
  • Angus Sampson as Dennis “Cisco” Wojciechowski

Plot of the Second Season

Michelle Connelly has revealed that the upcoming season will be based on The Fifth Witness, as the opening season was an adaptation of the bestselling book—The Brass Verdict.

Furthermore, The Fifth Witness draws a picture of Mickey Haller summoned to defend Lisa Trammel, a long-standing client charged with cold-bloodedly murdering her husband. Mr. Haller, along with his team, put forth efforts to debilitate the prosecution case. Interestingly, the defense attorney convinces a significant witness to take the Fifth Amendment prior to giving his testimony because that amendment will enable him to turn down the questions, which will ultimately benefit further criminal proceedings. Moreover, the drama will show Mickey Haller’s relationship with his team, especially his ex-wife.

Last but not least, as the previous season left people with a wholesome experience, the audience is sure to have much more in the advancing television drama. Also, many are still living in the moments of Mickey Haller’s historic success. We hope the roller coaster ride does not disappoint this time.






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