The Callisto Protocol 2 Hours Gameplay Leaked Before Release

The Callisto Protocol was out on December 2. Just before the release of the game, it faced online leaks. However, the leeks do not matter yet, as the game is out. If you haven’t laid your hands on the game yet, keep reading to find out all about The Callisto Protocol. Firstly, it is a horror title from Striking Distance Studios. Dead Space had a massive influence on the game. The game houses eight chapters. Furthermore, there are two types of collectibles, making a total of 43 collectibles.

What Is The Callisto Protocol About?

It is a sci-fi survival horror game. The game stars Josh Duhamel and Karen Fukuhara. The game is now available across the globe. The game is set on the dead moon of Jupiter, Callisto, in the year 2320. The Callisto Protocol challenges its player to survive Black Iron Prison. Throughout The Callisto Protocol, the players also get the chance to discover the secrets of the United Jupiter Company.

What Is The Callisto Protocol About?
What Is The Callisto Protocol About?

Where to Play The Callisto Protocol?

The game is available for the following devices:

  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Xbox One
  • PC in the Steam and Epic Game store
  • Reception

Now that The Callisto Protocol is out, we have an idea whether the fans loved it or not. The reception till now has been great. The tension, atmosphere, and brutality of the game are perfect for creating a tense environment for the players. Also, the cast is praised for their performance.

Where to Play The Callisto Protocol?
Where to Play The Callisto Protocol?

Also, another USP of the game is that it houses altogether a new combat system which is a mix of melee action and shooting. The ga features a gravity weapon that can move between two. Furthermore, the players have to overcome their fear and face the terrifying features up close.

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Gaming Tips

Let us now tell you how you can give your best while playing The Callisto Protocol. Firstly, when you kill an enemy in the game, do not forget to trample them. Also, collect the ammunition that the enemies leave behind. You can use it to upgrade your own weapons. The more health and bullets in the game, the more your chances of survival chances.

Also, when you plan to kill an enemy in the game, focus on making them helpless by dismembering their limbs. The primary attack method should be the usage of bullets. However, remember that bullets have their own limitations.

Additionally, when you have a good collection of guns, you can shift your focus to Stun Baton. You can use it for sweep attacks that increase the chances of damage. It is also the perfect weapon for one-to-one encounters.

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Criticism of The Callisto Protocol

Even though the game is received well, it has its fair share of criticism too. To begin with, the game is not as scary as gamers had hoped for. The next complaint is regarding the availability of plenty of guns. other issues of the game include imbalanced fights and low innovation. Despite the criticism, even the critics have agreed that it is a beautiful game.

Criticism of The Callisto Protocol
Criticism of The Callisto Protocol

The Leak of The Game

Many games face leaks before their official release. It was the case with The Callisto Protocol too. In fact, the leaks proved to be quite useful for the makers of the game, and the fans loved it. The leak managed to arouse curiosity amongst the fans. The leak consisted of three videos in total and featured two hours of the game.

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The previously leaked gameplay of The Callisto Protocol proved to be of benefit to the game. Now released across the globe, the game is receiving a mixed reviews. However, if all the reviews are considered, it is safe to say that the players love the game.


Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
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