The Addams Family 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

The Addams Family is a supernatural film that is completely based on black comedy and was released in 2019. This movie is directed by Greg Tiernan Conrad Vernon. The characters of this movie are made by Charles Addams.

This movie is undoubtedly the most loving and was a lot praised by the fans. However, the first part of the movie also received some critics because of its poor content. But, later on, a sequel for the movie was released on 1st October 2021 and it was a hit as well.

This sequel gained a wider fan base and since then there has been a buzz for the third part of this film. And honestly after having such a wide fan range who won’t want to give it a try? And every fan is looking up to  “The Addams Family 3” and knows all the details about the film. So let us see what we have today for the upcoming installment of this amazing movie.

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The Addams Family 3 Released Date

Recently the actor Nick Kroll had shown a lot of interest in having a completely new story for the third installment. And after if the 2nd part of the film becomes a blockbuster it is more likely for the 3rd part to be out soon.

And with such constant love for the film, the makers have finally decided to release the third part by 2023. However, the release date for the film hasn’t been fixed yet but we are sure that the makers won’t make us wait much longer for this amazing movie.

The Addams Family 3
The Addams Family 3

The Addams Family 3 Cast

As no official date has been out by the makers yet the cast for the 3rd part has not been out. However, we are not yet sure about the actual cast of the third installment But if this film is going to be back once again with us we are expecting most of the voice artists to be the same as previous characters for the other two-part.

Also, it is more likely to see some new characters as well. Here is the list of some characters from the previous 2 installments of the movie.

  • Gomez Addams by Oscar Isaac 
  • Morticia Addams by Charlize Theron 
  • Pugsley Addams by Finn Wolfhard 
  •  Wednesday Addams by Chloë Moretz
  • Uncle Fester by Nick Kroll 
  • It by Snoop Dogg
  • Grandma by Bette Midler 
  • Margaux Needler by Allison Janney 
  • Grandpa Frump by Martin Short 
  • Grandma Frump by Catherine O’Hara 
  • Glenn by Tituss Burgess 

The Addams Family 3 Plot

As no announcement has been done by the makers of the movie the actual plot has not been out yet. However, with the plotline of the previous films, it is more likely that the next installment is going to win our hearts yet again.

As in the second part of ‘The Addams Family we have seen that Wednesday was the daughter of a mad scientist Cyrus Strange, who is all famous for manipulating young girls. However, in the end, Wednesday realizes that even after having so many differences she was part of the real family of Addams.

The third part of the film is more likely to focus on the family going on a brand new adventure, Kroll also shared recently that he would like to see Addams going on to Comic-on or space.

Meanwhile, Vernon shared for the second part the family was all planned to visit Las Vegas but later on the idea was changed.  However, these were just some assumptions until the actual plot of the movie is finally released. Till then I think we just have to wait and watch

The Addams Family 3  Trailer

As it is clear by now that ‘The Addams Family 3’ has not been announced yet and we are just waiting for the trailer to be released. But we assure you that once the trailer is released we will share all the updates with you. 

Till then keep watching the previous 2 parts and stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about the show.

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