Ted 3 Release Date

Is there going to be a Ted 3 or not? Continue reading to find out!

About this movie 

All the parts of the Ted movie are wholesome, and every kid’s dream comes to life. Imagine Your favourite stuffed toy suddenly coming to life as your Christmas gift! This is what the Ted movie is about. The story is about a lonely orphan boy and his only teddy bear. The teddy bear came into his life as a Christmas gift. This gift came into his life with a lot of wishes. The first two parts were incredible and won the hearts of millions. Now fans all around the world are hoping to see Ted 3.

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When Will Ted 3 be Released? 

Well, the last time we saw Ted on screen was five years ago. Since then, all sorts of rumours and news have surfaced about Ted 3. However, so far, no official news has come out. 

While the director of Ted Mcfarlane seems receptive to the idea of Ted 3, fans have a different view. 

When Will Ted 3 be Released? 
When Will Ted 3 be Released?

There is no official news about the release of Ted 3, but Seth MacFarlane is currently working on something new. We think it could be the third part of Ted, but we will have to wait to know for sure. 

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What Will The Plot of The Third Part?

The Ted sequels were created by Seth Woodbury Macfarlane, who also produced and co-created the popular television series American Dad (2005) and The Cleveland Show (2009-2013). The first two Ted films were box office smashes, but what to do about the third one is unclear. Are you wondering what will happen in the next chapter of Ted? 

The movie “Ted” took us back in time to when John Bennett was a kid and wished his Jumbo teddy bear, Ted, would come to life and be his friend. The wish comes true, and the two stay inseparable for the rest of their lives. Despite the passage of 27 years, their friendship remains unbroken. 

The second movie begins six months after John and Lori’s split when Ted is engaged to Tami-Lynn. The couple feels strongly about adopting a child. This raises questions about Ted’s character as a criminal, and the court denies him his constitutional protections as a result. After Ted and John win the lawsuit, the character can finally unwind, and the climax is when Ted and Tami-Lynn adopt a baby boy whom they name Apollo Creed. 

Ted 3″ should pick up where “Ted 2” left off and center on Ted’s life as a parent. There ought to be a plethora of options for the character along this line of thinking. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a living teddy bear as it goes through the trials of childrearing alongside a woman. 

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There could be a lot of laughs to be had from this. Since McFarlane has already proven his comedic chops with shows like “Family Guy” and “American Dad!” centered on fatherhood, we think we’re in for a real treat.

Who Could Be In The Cast Of Ted 3?

While there has been no official news about the cast, we think all the actors from the first two films will be coming back. Here is a list of all the actors who were in the previous part:

  • Joel Mchale playing the role of Rex
  • Mark Wahlberg plays the role of John Bennett
  • Aedin Mincks playing the role of Robert
  • Mila Kunis playing the role of Lori Collins
  • Bretton Manley playing the role of John Bennett
  • Tara Strong as Ted’s “I Love You” Function
  • Giovanni Ribisi playing the role of Donny
  • Seth Macfarlane playing the role of Ted
  • Patrick Warburton playing the role of Guy
  • Colton Shires playing the role of John Bennett


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