Sylvester Stallone Covers Up Tattoo of Wife with Image of Rocky Dog, Butkus

Sylvester Stallone, the American actor and filmmaker, is making the rounds on the internet, but this time, his tattoo has caught the attention of many. Stallone is unarguably one of the biggest movie stars that Hollywood has ever had. His immense fan following and commendable acting led him to be loved universally.

As we know, Stallone married for the third time in 1997. Since then, the pair (Stallone and his third wife) always showcased a happy and stable marriage. Unfortunately, after spending considerable time together in marriage, their once-promising future became uncertain as his wife filed for divorce. Does the Sylvester-Stallone dog tattoo have anything to do with the couple’s strained marriage? Let’s explore. 

The new Sylvester Stallone dog tattoo has now replaced the giant tattoo he had of his third wife’s face. According to Stallone’s publicist, Michelle Bega, Stallone wanted to refresh Jennifer Flavin’s tattoo; however, it did not work out as expected, and he got the dog tattoo instead. The publicist said that there was no deeper meaning behind changing the previous tattoo.

Stallone Covers Up Tattoo of Wife with Image of Rocky Dog, Butkus
Sylvester Stallone Covers Up Tattoo of Wife with Image of Rocky Dog, Butkus

“Mr. Stallone intended to refresh the tattoo image of his wife Jennifer; however, the results were unsatisfactory and, unfortunately, unfixable.”

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Moreover, the timing of the massive change in the tattoo with the divorce news made the fans think otherwise. Later, it was all cleared up when Mike DeVries, the tattoo artist who gave Stallone the tattoo of Flavin’s face years ago, also addressed the matter.

“I already knew that he wanted to do something because last year he emailed me, called me, and we discussed talking about making Jennifer Flavin into Wonder Woman,” Mike DeVries told People.

In addition, Zach Perez was the artist who made the change this time. He uploaded photos of himself tattooing Stallone on August 16th with the caption, “Greatest day in my tattoo career!!” However, the tattoo artist has now deleted those photographs from his account.

Stallone Covers Up Tattoo of Wife with Image of Rocky Dog, Butkus
Sylvester Stallone Covers Up Tattoo of Wife with Image of Rocky Dog, Butkus

Celebrating 25 Years of Togetherness

The pair have been happily married for over two decades, as they recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Jennifer Flavin and Sylvester Stallone have three daughters: Sophia Stallone, Sistine Stallone, and Scarlet Stallone. Notably, from his first wife, Sasha Czack, Stallone has two children, Sage and Seargeoh Stallone.

On their 25th anniversary, Stallone took to his Instagram to wish his wife. He wrote:

“Happy 25th anniversary to my amazing wife. There is not enough words to describe what this incredibly selfless dedicated, patient woman has meant to our lives and I only wish they could be another 25! Thank you sweetheart!”


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Also, Jennifer Flavin posted pictures on her Instagram account, wishing her husband a happy 25th anniversary with multiple heart emojis. She concluded her post by stating that their marriage kept improving each year. However, based on these adorable Instagram posts, no one could expect that there could be trouble in paradise. Unfortunately, all was not as elating as the pair portrayed.

Furthermore, before marrying Flavin, Sylvester had the experience of two failed marriages. The Rocky actor had met Jennifer Flavin in 1988 at a Beverly Hills restaurant when she was a 20-year-old model. But things turned out to be bizarre, as in the early 1990s, Stallone left Flavin for Janice Dickinson, who was pregnant with Stallone’s alleged daughter. However, a paternity test revealed the contrary and the two split. Stallone and Flavin finally tied the knot in May 1997.

Jennifer Flavin Filed for Divorce

After spending years together, things seemed about to take a drastic turn, leading to the annihilation of marriage. The 54-year-old beauty entrepreneur filed a divorce petition “for dissolution of marriage and other relief” from her husband, Stallone, on August 19th, 2022. In the divorce petition in question, Flavin accused Stallone of hiding marital assets, blaming Stallone for engaging in “intentional dissipation.” She mentioned that this had had an adverse economic impact on the marital estate. The petition was filed in a court in Palm Beach County, Florida. However, Stallone’s legal team denied these claims, stating that he had “not engaged” in such behavior.

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The 54-year-old entrepreneur also uploaded a controversial photo on Instagram with the caption, “These girls are my priority ❤️ nothing else matters. The 4 of us forever🤍🙏🏻”

Her daughter Sistine wrote, “Strongest woman I know,” while Scarlet replied with a black heart emoji.

Although Stallone did not directly respond to this, his representative made the following statement to US Weekly:

“I love my family. We are amicably and privately addressing these personal issues.”

This move surprised many; however, what was even more astonishing for the fans was that just a month after the news of the divorce filing, the couple decided to reconcile. According to Insider, an order of abatement was filed. Stallon’s representative also told Page Six the following:

Sylvester Stallone with His Family
Sylvester Stallone with His Family

“They decided to meet back up at home, where they talked and were able to work out their differences. They are both extremely happy.”

Seeing this abrupt change in the situation, some fans speculated that it could be a publicity stunt by the two for their family reality show, “The Family Stallone.” However, it remains uncertain whether there is any validity to this claim. 

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Sylvestor Stallone Dog Tattoo

Before the reconciliation between the couple, there was constant media attention to Stallone’s tattoos. For years, the 76-year-old actor had a huge bicep tattoo of his wife, Jennifer. Fans could not help but notice that the veteran actor covered up the original image of an estranged wife with a huge dog tattoo. And it is not just any dog; that is an image of his dog Butkus from Rocky. Butkus. This bull mastiff is the same dog that appeared alongside Rocky Balboa in the original Rocky and Rocky II. Unfortunately, puppy-dog Butkus had died of a heart attack, and Stallone cherishes his memory to this day.


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While initial speculation ran wild based on the timing of the tattoo change coinciding with the couple’s separation, the later events removed doubts. Also, the explanation given by Stallone’s publicist and the tattoo artist’s clarification cleared any doubt about the motive behind the change, leaving the focus on the couple’s reconciliation and their continued journey together.

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