James Hetfield divorce Filed Divorce After 25 Years of Marriage

Many Hollywood celebrities have announced their divorces recently. James Hetfield is one of them! In fact, according to some sources, he made this decision a long time ago, but he had to keep it private to avoid the media’s attention. He has announced that he’ll now be parting ways with Francesca Hetfield. But what is the reason behind James Hetfield divorce? To find out, continue reading the article.

James Hetflield divorce: The Real Story

As TMZ has reported this news as well, it is 100% sure that they have called off their wedding. Despite their divorce, they are not neglecting their children. The two have decided on co-parenting as it is best for their children. James Hetfield and Francesca Hetfield met back in 1992. Their first encounter was quite poetic. As Hetfield got seriously injured while he was in Montreal. 5 years ago, they tied the knot. And currently, they have two daughters and a son. 

James Hetflield divorce: The Real Story
James Hetflield divorce: The Real Story

Although Hetfield has decided not to stay with his wife anymore, he has never badmouthed her. He was quite supportive of her! He claimed that if it wasn’t for her, his situation would have gotten much worse. Hetfield used to have serious anger and addiction issues for those who do not know. But it was his wife who pushed him to rehab.

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Consequently, this situation got better. This journey in rehab practically fixed him! Although that duration was hard for him to bear, he got through it all for the sake of his family and to save his one life. 

He’s the one who leads Metallica, the band. When he relapsed in the year 2019, the band had to suffer. But now that he lives a normal life, they have had multiple tours. And their journey is still going strong! In case you don’t know them, do you remember Eddie’s famous performance in the last episode of Stranger Things season 5? Well, that was him singing Metallica’s song! 

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TMZ was the first source to break this news on 13th August 2022. Then Francessa made a public statement to clarify that it was not a rumour. She said that after 30 years, unfortunately, her marriage has come to this. But these thirty years gave her a lot of love. Hetfield also shows his sadness in the latest concert. He sang ‘Fade to Black’ and dedicated the song to the fans who have seen darkness up close. Hetfield also went as far as talking about mental health issues and suicide. He pleaded with the ones listening to never take such a drastic approach. Because there is always a way to fix things, all that you have to do is reach out to someone. 

So, that was everything you needed to know about James Hetfield divorce. For more such updates, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 

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