Superman & Lois Season 3 – Do they Need to Change the Storyline?

The American superhero drama television has two seasons as of yet. Todd Helbing and Greg Berlanti created the show, and it is based on the original DC comics characters Superman and Lois. It has recently been renewed for Superman & Lois Season 3. CW has given seven shows the go-ahead for another season for the 2022 to 2023 Tv season. Even though The CW has cancelled a lot of shows. The seven shows are All American, The Flash, Riverdale, Walker, Kung Fu, Nancy drew and Superman & Lois season 3.

The show is run on the same storyline with different villains in the previous two seasons. This is currently being discussed on various platforms. The question of the hour is, will there be a different storyline in the Superman & Lois Season 3?

Or will it bring the same old story with some new faces?

Superman & Lois Season 3 Storyline

Looking up close, we see many similarities between the first and second seasons of Superman & Lois. The two seasons have followed the same pattern. That is an encounter with a villain or villains followed by a battle to defeat them. Initially, the heroes face many problems because of the villain, but towards the finale, Superman manages to fight the battle against the villain and save the day. The plot of Superman & Lois Season 3 has not yet been revealed, but we expect that it brings something exciting and different to our screens.

Superman & Lois Season 3 Storyline
Superman & Lois Season 3 Storyline

Season 1 and Season 2 similarities

In season 1, we see two threats, one of which is a superhuman and the other is less so.

The Stranger is the first one who is hell-bent on destroying Superman. And the second one is Morgan Edge, a businessman. Lois Lane tackles Morgan Edge. Lane is a star reporter in the Smallville Gazette. Just as in the first season, one villain catches Clark’s attention, and the other catches Lois’ attention.

The same happens in the second season when Bizarro Superman comes across Clark. And Ally Allston against Lois Lane. They both wanted to completely change the population by having Kryptonians or the people from Bizarro Earth take over. It goes without saying that the villains, Ally and Bizarro, had the same motive but in different seasons. Furthermore, the same plot has been reused in the second season.

Moreover, another thing that did not go unnoticed was how one of the cast members falls into the trap of the villain to take down Superman. In the first season, Lana, who is Clark’s best friend. She becomes stuck in Edge’s plan. And ends up agreeing to help him take down Superman. Moreover, in the second season, Chrissy is Lois’ best friend. She gets involved with Ally Allston. Furthermore, she almost kills herself at the portal to the void between the worlds.

 The story takes the same turn regarding the children of Clark and Lois. From season 1, we have seen Jordan being more highlighted. More so because of his growing powers. He hopes and tries to use in an excellent way to help his father save the world. Everything seems to be about Jordan, although he is getting better at controlling his powers. On the other hand, Jonathan feels left out and lonely. He tries his best to get a bit of his father’s attention.

Superman & Lois Season 3 – Change in Storyline Necessary?

The above discussion makes it evident that season 2 has been nothing but a repeat of the story of season 1. It seems like not much effort was put into the story of Season 2. As for the plot of Superman & Lois Season 3 –

The upcoming season will bring a new villain into the story. No trailers or teasers are out yet, but we can say for sure that the creators need to put their minds to making Superman & Lois Season 3 the best out of all the seasons. There are a lot of opportunities to add new and exciting things to the upcoming season. The audience expects to see a different storyline than just the same old Superhero and villain duo.


Laiba Ejaz
Laiba Ejaz
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