Stranger Things Season 5 – New Characters ; Good thing or a Bad thing?

Besides being famous for its jaw-dropping story arc, Stranger Things have always been famous for its beloved cast. We get to see new faces almost every season. These new characters often make us instantly fall for their charm. While, in some other cases, we hoped that a particular character didn’t exist at all. Nevertheless, the Duffer brothers have announced that there will be no new characters in Stranger Things Season 5. But, the main question that arises here is whether it is a good thing or a bad thing?

Fans around the world apparently have a different take on this matter. Considering the fact that this debate has grown to a much higher level after the end of Season 4 of Stranger Things. Some say that it is affecting the storyline of the original characters, whereas others want to know more about the new characters’ background.

Overall, there is a divided consensus, and we are here to tackle that!

Steve Harrington And Max Mayfield in Stranger Things Season 5:

Let’s first talk about the good things that come from this constant back of forth of characters in these series!

Steve Harrington is known as one of the most iconic characters of the Stranger Things series. However, you might be surprised to know that Joe Kerry’s character was not going to even survive in Season One. In simple words, he was supposed to die in the first season. Yet his amazing acting and the profound love that he received from the fans made the Duffer brothers change their minds. Which, consequently, allowed him to stay till the very end of the show as a fixed cast.

Steve Harrington And Max Mayfield in Stranger Things Season 5:
Steve Harrington And Max Mayfield in Stranger Things Season 5:

Likewise, Sadie Sink’s character made its appearance in the popular show in Season 2. Max was going to die in the fourth season. Yet from her acting in the very first scene of Season 2 to her listening to “Running up the Hill” to deal with her depression and finally escaping from Vecna in Season 4, it shook the whole audience to their core.

She stole the fans’ hearts and the Duffer brothers definitely caught onto that hint. Hence, we get to see more of her in Season 5 for that said reason.

Billy Hargrove And Eddie Munson In Stranger Things:

Similarly, both Billy Hargrove and Eddie Munson left a huge impact on the Stranger Things universe with their sacrifice. Both of them had flaws, but they redeemed themselves in the finale of Season 3 (Billy) and Season 4 (Eddie) by giving up their lives to save their friends, family, and Hawkins.

Billy, who plays Max’s brother, was abusive, racist, and a bully. He was enslaved by the mind-slayer and did many wrong things. At first, the fans really hated his guts, but the Duffer brothers did give him a fair chance to turn everything back in his favor in Season 3 even though he paid back for what he did with his own life.

However, Eddie, who was the leader of the Hell-Fire group and was a die-hard rock music enthusiast, was apparently a little misunderstood on the other hand. He was not perfect, but his sassy personality did make the audience have a big laugh. He gathered great love and support from his fans with just a little time he was with us.

Jonathan And Argyle in Stranger Things Season 5:

Now that we have talked about the good stuff let’s talk about its bad side effects!

Jonathan And Argyle in Stranger Things Season 5:
Jonathan And Argyle in Stranger Things Season 5:

Apparently, with the increasing number of new characters in the show, Jonathan didn’t receive much screen time as he usually had in previous seasons. His character was one of the most loved characters of the show, but he seemed to have lost his charm in Season 4. It’s almost like his character regressed in that season. Hi, the character was just limited to being a stoner with his stoner friend, Argyle.

Whereas Argyle doesn’t seem to have much of a role then just being a stoner, who is also somewhat funny.

Nancy And Mike’s sibling Relationship in Stranger Things

Nancy and Mike’s sibling relationship really went down the hill in Season 4. We see no brotherly sister bonding time in the fourth season of Stranger Things. There seems to be

distance between those two, and it doesn’t seem to get any better if this keeps going on like this in Season 5.

Will Got Ignored?

Stranger Things really played the character of Will Byers dirty. During the whole season, everyone in his surroundings ignored Will. Nobody even remembered his birthday, not even the Duffer brothers themselves! Fans noticed that Will was secluded in Season 4, and they could not stop talking about this mistreatment. 

Hopefully, we will get to see the character of Will get more appreciated in the upcoming season.


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