Stranger Things Season 5 – Who is Returning As Cast

The 2022 Emmy-nominated show has left everyone speechless with its ground-breaking return for Season 4. With the introduction of amazing new characters, a great plot, 80’s nostalgia, and catchy music, Season 4 have already surpassed fans’ expectations. Which, more or less, makes one wonder what is in stock for the fans in the upcoming Season 5 of Stranger Things.

The Duffer brothers left no stone unturned to surprise fans with their return after nearly three years of gap. 

They presented us with a global phenomena that made us rooted in our seats! 

However, we need to give a round of applause to the versatile cast of Stranger Things. Seeing that, they caught our hearts and souls with their mind-blowing acting.

Everyone left a huge impact on their beloved audience, whether it was the original cast or the newcomers who just came to this twisted world of Stranger Things. 

The desire to see the cast in action again is something that every Stranger Things fan’s dream comes true!

Here’s a little insight into who will be joining us for Stranger Things Season 5:

Millie Bobby Brown As Eleven In Stranger Things Season 5:

Of course, the Wonder Woman in the Stranger Things universe will showcase her abilities again in the upcoming season!

Millie Bobby Brown As Eleven In Stranger Things Season 5:
Millie Bobby Brown As Eleven In Stranger Things Season 5:

Fans are dying to see more of Eleven’s psychokinetic and telepathic abilities in Season 5. As the whole gang was finally united in Season 4 and appears to be awaiting an impending doom, it is crystal clear that we are in for some battles! 

This means we will see more of her in her infamous intense “Eleven Battle Mode” in Stranger Things Season 5.

Finn Wolfhard As Mike Wheeler

Finn Wolfhard is going to be returning to the show as Mike Wheeler in Season 5. 

However, Season 4 did not end on a great note for the character of Mike, as the fans have mixed reactions to how he has been portrayed this season. Seeing that his character went from being sweet, caring, and a loyal friend to a person who does not give a damn about anyone at all. Many fans were saying he had lost all his character development and went to zero. 

Let’s hope we see a new side of him or more of his old side in Season 5.

Noah Schnapp As Will Byers In Stranger Things Season 5:

There has been a lot of development regarding the sexuality of Will Buyers in Season 4 of Stranger Things, and we will explore more about it in Season 5.

Noah Schnapp As Will Byers In Stranger Things Season 5:
Noah Schnapp As Will Byers In Stranger Things Season 5:

We can see subtle hints that indicate that Will has feelings for Mike. This further means that he has been hiding his feelings for a long time. Noah Schnapp himself confirmed the speculations concerning his character’s sexuality in an interview:

“Yeah, I think it is. It was hinted at in Season 1: It was always there, but you never really knew. Is it just him growing up slower than his friends? Now that he’s gotten older, they made it a real, obvious thing. Now it’s 100% clear that he is gay and loves Mike.”

Sadie Sink As Max Mayfield

Out of all the characters, Sadie’s performance was magnificent in Season 4. She shook our heart’s to the core as we see Max fighting through her brother’s death, depression, grief, and the deadly Vecna himself.

Surprisingly enough, Sadie Sink’s character was not going to make it in Season 4. However, we can sigh of relief that the Duffer brothers changed their minds at the last moment so that we can be graced with more of Sink’s exceptional performance shortly.

Gaten Matarazzo As Dustin Henderson & Caleb Mclaughlin As Lucas Sinclair:

Stranger Things Season 5 can’t be complete without these two, and the writers know that! 

The duo is always there for their friends. They’re willing to deal with any form of danger to save their town and friends and family at all costs!

Luckily, we will see more of their characters in the upcoming season.

The Babysitter Squad:

When we think of the Stranger Things kids’ babysitter, the name Steve Harrington rings a bell, but the other members of the squad does act as their protective sibling whenever the time comes and we’ll soon see them:

  • Joe Kerry as Steve Harrington
  • Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler
  • Charlie Heaton as Jonathan
  • Maya Hawke as Robin

New Characters in Season 5:

Duffer brothers have made it obvious in one of their interviews that there won’t be any new faces in the upcoming season.


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