Starstruck Season 3 -Release Date And Who Is Returning Back?

Starstruck Season 3 has become the hot talk of the town since the finale of its previous season. The series  made quite an impression on its audience.

So the question of interest is: Will the series come back for another season? Keep reading to find out!

The series officially came on air for the first time on 25th April 2021. Ever since its release it has been an immense hit. The story is about Jessie, a millennial trying hard to make ends meet. Somehow she ends up sleeping with Tom on new years eve. Later she finds out Tom is a famous film star and things take a huge turn for her. Their worlds are poles apart, however they still keep running into each other.

Its second season premiered in March 2022. It was one hell of a roller coaster ride. With Tom and Jessica trying their best to keep a healthy relationship while dealing with their insecurities, a lot happens in between.

This gem of a rom-com keeps you engaged with its characters and leaves you wanting for more. With a female lead who is far from perfect and juggling between multiple jobs and a hot and charming male lead, what is not to like?

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Will Starstruck Season 3 be Renewed?

We know you have been eagerly waiting for news about the new season. And you are in luck! We have got some exciting news for you all. Starstruck Season 3 will be coming on your screens soon enough. In June 2022 HBO made it official that the series will be coming back for another season.

Will Starstruck Season 3 be Renewed?
Will Starstruck Season 3 be Renewed?

What Is the Update On Release Date of Season 3?

So far there is no update about the release date of the upcoming season. However if we were to make a guess, we think Starstruck season 3 will come out by mid of 2023.

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Starstruck Season 3 Cast

All the main cast members of season 2 will probably be coming back in Starstruck Season 3. The list includes:

  • Rose Matafeo who plays the role of Jessie
  • Nikesh Patel who plays the role of Tom Kapoor
  • Emma Siddi who plays the role of Jessie’s best buddy
Starstruck Season 3 Cast
Starstruck Season 3 Cast

The following are the recurring cast members:

  • Al Roberts playing the role of Ian
  • Joe Barnes playing the role of Joe
  • Jon Pointing playing the role of Dan
  • Lola Rose Maxwell playing the role of Sarah
  • Sindhu Vee playing the role of Sindhu
  • Abraham Popoola playing the role of Jacob
  • Ambreen Razia playing the role of Shivani
  • Nadia Parkes Playing the role of Sophie
  • Liz Kingsman playing the role of Liz
  • Nic Sampson playing the role of Steve

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What to Expect in Starstruck Season 3?

The finale of the previous season ended on a kick ass cliffhanger. At the end of season 2 Jessie and Tom breakup after a fight. They met again 3 months later at a friend’s bachelor party. There both of them think about why they broke up and Tom utters the most heartbreaking yet honest lines to Jessie: “I think you wanted to be with me but you didn’t want to be in a relationship”. That is when Jessie comes to realize, she wants to be in a relationship with Tom. This sudden realization leads to Jessie jumping out of her boat into Toms, while at the same time it starts raining. A complete starstruck moment!

What to Expect in Starstruck Season 3?
What to Expect in Starstruck Season 3?

So we believe Starstruck Season 3 would catch up where season 2 left off.

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Considering how the production of the upcoming season has not started yet, no trailer has been released. However we think it will be available a month or 2 prior to the release date.

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