The Flash Season 8 Finale Release Date 

The Flash Season 8 Finale titled “Negative, Part Two” will feature the most epic battle in the series, and we can barely wait for it to air! 

The Flash Season 8 has been phenomenal up till now! It contains many plot twists, special appearances, and a spectacular storyline. The season has aired 19 episodes up till now, with the latest one coming out just this week! The next episode, i.e., Episode 20, will bring the season to an end and finally give fans the answers to their gazillion questions! It will bring the story of The Flash to an end until 2023, which is when Season 9 of the series will premiere. 

Several spoilers for the upcoming episode have been revealed. If you too want to know about the upcoming events in the season finale, keep on reading! We’ve covered all the spoilers and exclusive information regarding it down below. 

The Flash Season 8 Finale Release Date 

New episodes of The Flash Season 8 come out every Wednesday. The finale will air next Wednesday, June 29. It will debut on The CW at 8 p.m. ET/PT. 

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All the past nineteen episodes of The Flash Season 8 are available for streaming on and The CW App. Episode 20 will also become available on the two platforms one day after its broadcast (i.e., on Thursday, June 30). Additionally, both platforms are free! Thus, fans can stream episodes on them for free and without any registration. 

The Flash Season 8 Finale Release Date 
The Flash Season 8 Finale Release Date

The Flash Season 8 Finale Spoilers 

The penultimate episode of The Flash Season 8 was full of jaw-dropping plot twists. It featured Eobard Thawne getting killed by Deon! However, that’s not all. He also came back to life in a gruesome resurrection! Moreover, the villain turned hero has turned into a villain again! He has emerged as the Reverse-Flash, and we are excited to see how his story pans out! Is Central City in trouble again? How will Team Flash bring down Thawne now that he is more powerful than ever? Well, here are a few spoilers to quench your curiosity until the season finale airs! 

The Ultimate Speedster Battle 

The Reverse-Flash is back with all of his powers! Thus, the season 8 finale will feature the most dramatic and spectacular fight in history as Team Flash gathers together and takes down this powerful enemy! 

Barry and several other speedsters will join forces to participate in this epic battle. This includes Jordan Fisher’s Impulse and Jessica Parker Kennedy’s XS. John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick will also be a part of Team Flash. Moreover, Meena also got her suit in the latest episode, and she too will participate in the ultimate speedster battle.

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Iris West-Allen’s Revival 

Iris West Allen has had a mysterious time-sickness since Season 7. We saw it getting worse in Season 8. It eventually got so bad that she disappeared from the timeline! Iris disappeared from Season 8 for multiple episodes because of this. However, she returned in Season 8’s penultimate episode. She popped up in the future in 2049. However, her trip there was short, and she reappeared in the present shortly. Unfortunately, her timing couldn’t be worse! She re-materialized in the middle of Barry’s battle with the Forces! Iris accidentally gets hit by a lightning bolt struck by Barry and passes away. 

The upcoming episode will deal with the aftermath of this situation. According to the showrunner, the series will feature a happy ending, and Iris will receive the cure for her time sickness by the end. 

Thus, Iris will be revived in The Flash. However, we don’t know how and when this will happen. Will she be revived in Season 8’s finale- “Negative, Part Two”? Or will fans have to wait for The Flash Season 9 to air in 2023? 

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The Flash Season 8 Finale Teaser 

Fans can view the teaser for The Flash Season 8 finale on YouTube. It features the speedsters getting together and preparing for the final battle!

Check official Trailer:

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