Star Wars Jedi Survivor Release Date Delayed by Six Weeks

EA recently announced the delay of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the forthcoming sequel of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The original release date was scheduled for March 17. However, now with a delay of six weeks, the new release date for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is April 28. Even though there is a delay, it won’t be a long wait. On April 28, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be available for players on Windows PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X. Keep reading to know more about it.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: The Reason Behind The Delay

EA Star Wars tweeted about the delay of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on February 1. According to the developers, the content of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is complete. However, in the final stage, they are working on fixing the game’s bugs to further enhance the performance of the game with more polish in it. Additionally, the developers are focused on improving the player experience while playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

The statement also said that they developed the game with evolved combat by considering the community’s feedback. In addition, they have pushed themselves while making the game. They also requested the players to give them more time to polish the game for their deserved experience. Finally, they ended the note by saying that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be globally available on April 28.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Release Date Delayed by Six Weeks
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Release Date Delayed by Six Weeks

What To Expect From Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

According to Cameron Monaghan, who portrays the role of Cal Kestin, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will have a darker and deeper story. Furthermore, the upcoming game will also be available to non-Star Wars fans.

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The story will investigate what happens when you put pressure on your family and relationships. We can also expect many new characters in the upcoming game. He also described the game’s storyline as interesting, filled with many challenges and difficult phases that still need answers.

According to reports, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will retain many elements from its prequel, especially the progression system and soul-like combat. It was also confirmed the game would house five fully realized stances. Furthermore, the use case of it will entirely depend upon the enemy type that the players encounter.

Also, the players will have to figure out the tasks which will work for them. The makers have also introduced a dual-blade option in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor along with a new heavy stance. It is similar to the crossguard lightsaber style of Kylo Ren.

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Bode Akuna is a new character in the game. He is an AI who will help the players in traversal and combat. While describing Bode, the makers stated that he and Cal are almost like brothers and share a special bond. Additionally, they complement each other.

About Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The game was first announced in May 2022. It is the sequel of Respawn’s series, which, upon release, satisfied over 20 million players across the game. The game featured Cal Ketis as a Jedi. It won appreciation for its strong storyline and combat experience. However, the game also was criticized for its lack of polish.

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The makers want to avoid making the same mistake twice and, therefore, are taking six additional weeks to polish the game to keep the gaming community happy.

About Star Wars Jedi Survivor
About Star Wars Jedi Survivor

It is good to know that the developers are taking more time to polish the game. It is because its previous game, Battlefield 2042, was also criticized because the players faced many problems after the launch.

Besides delaying Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, EA has sadly canceled Apex Legends Mobile. In addition, they have also stopped work on the Battlefield mobile game. After its launch, you can enjoy Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on PS 5, PC, and Xbox Series S/X.