The Oval Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Season 4 just ended on 14th March of 2023, and fans are already curious about The Oval Season 5 and its renewal status. After all, the fourth season did end on a cliffhanger, leaving fans shocked and asking for more. 

The Oval is an American soap opera and political drama by Tyler Perry, the series’s writer, director, and executive producer. Moreover, the first season was released in 2019, and since then, four seasons have successfully aired. Now, the Oval Season 5 is all that anyone is interested in after watching the fourth season.

The Oval Season 5 Release Date

The makers have not officially announced anything regarding The Oval Season 5 renewal status or release date, even though the viewers are very much looking forward to it. However, fans should not worry about this as the fourth season has just recently been released. 

The Oval Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer
The Oval Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

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 The Oval Storyline

The Oval is a soap opera series based on the political drama genre. The storyline features many well-written characters. Moreover, the show’s main plot revolves around US president Hunter Franklin and first lady Victoria Franklin. The couple is hungry for power and fame. Furthermore, the powerful couple got to this point after facing many obstacles. They both put up a strong front in front of the world, even when a lot was happening behind closed doors.

The show also talks about the stories of other members residing in the white house and how their lives get affected depending on the first family members. Richard Hallsen is the character of an ex-serviceman. He is seen struggling to maintain his integrity in this pool of greed, corruption, and black money. Moreover, the political series also portrays all of the White House’s dark secrets and drama. To sum up the plot, it is about a family placed in the White House. These are powerful people, and the show also shows the personal side of their lives.

The Oval Season 5 Plot

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The curiosity about The Oval Season 5 has been rising ever since season 4 ended. The audience is impatient to know how the next season will roll out. Season 4 left the fans at a massive cliffhanger with its last episode. Season 4 had 22 episodes, and the final episode was called “The Last Strike.” The last episode showed how Richard receives critical information that turns his world upside down. Moreover, the episode also shows how David and Jason will somehow have their back. These two also find a little opportunity to escape from a situation they are trapped in.

The Oval Season 5 will continue from where it left off. However, there is still no word out on the renewal of another season. Furthermore, as soon as the makers announce more related to The Oval Season 5 and its plot, we will let you know.

The Oval Season Cast and Crew

The viewers expect the main cast to reprise their roles for The Oval Season 5. The main cast includes the following:

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  • Ed Quinn plays the role of Hunter Franklin. He is the President of the United States of America
  • Kron Moore in the role of Victoria Franklin. She is the First Lady of the United States of America
  • Paige Hurd as Gayle Franklin. She is Hunter and Victoria’s daughter.
  • Daniel Croix Henderson in the role of Jason Franklin. He is Hunter and Victoria’s son.
  • Javon Johnson in the role of Richard Hallsen. He is the White House Butler
  • Ptosha Storey as Nancy Hallsen. She is the Butler’s wife.
  • Vaughn W. Hebron as Bartholomew “Barry” Hallsen. He is Richard and Nancy’s son.
  • Teesha Renee as Sharon
  • Lodric Collins as Donald Winthrop. He is the White House Chief of Staff
  • Ciera Payton as Lilly Winthrop. She is Donald’s wife.
  • Taja V. Simpson as Priscilla Owens.
  • Walter Fauntleroy as Sam Owen.
  • Brad Benedict as Kyle Flint.
  • Travis Cure as Bobby.
  • Matthew Law as Kareem Richardson.
  • Bill Barrett as Max Carter.
  • Derek A. Dixon as Dale.
  • Nick Barrotta as Allan
  • Kaye Singleton as Simone. She is the Second lady.
  • Russell Thomas as Eli. He is the Vice President of the United States of America.


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