Model Jeff Thomas Cause of Death is Suspected to be Suicide

Jeff Thomas, an American heartthrob, model, influencer, and art entrepreneur, was found dead in his apartment in Miami, Florida, United States of America. He was 35 years old at the time of his passing, and was frequently seen with several renowned celebrities at parties. His death has shocked everyone, and fans wonder what Jeff Thomas cause of death is.

Well, speculations regarding his catastrophic demise are surfacing on the internet, and many people have their theories. However, an autopsy was conducted to determine Jeff Thomas cause of death and here are the details.

Is Jeff Thomas Cause of Death Suicide?

Officially, there is no confirmed news about Jeff Thomas cause of death. According to different reports, Jeff Thomas ended his own life by jumping out of his apartment’s balcony. Apparently, it is a case of suicide. Moreover, this devastating incident occurred on March 8, 2023.

Further, when the police arrived at the location, they discovered Jeff Thomas’s cadaver in a Miami apartment complex. According to trusted sources, the supermodel allegedly leaped from a balcony after succumbing to depression.

Model Jeff Thomas Cause of Death is Suspected to be Suicide
Model Jeff Thomas Cause of Death is Suspected to be Suicide

Since the police department is still investigating, any tentative statement about Jeff Thomas cause of death cannot be established. His fans must wait until the investigation panel releases Jeff Thomas’s autopsy report.

Was Jeff Thomas Depressed?

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The influencer never showed glaring signs of depression. He also shared a photo of himself on Instagram, where he can be seen performing a cold plunge for his mental health. And it was the same day when the police received the news of his expiration.

He captioned the picture: “A cold plunge a day keeps the doctor away.”

Surprisingly, just a few days before the tragic occurrence, Thomas posted a picture of a new tattoo that read “resilience.” The one-word caption raises multiple queries, and it serves as a symbol for what he had been going through behind closed doors.

Who Is Paying Tribute to Jeff Thomas?

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Social media is inundated with heart-wrenching messages of condolences after Jeff Thomas’s infelicitous life termination, as his friends, followers, and fans are expressing their grievances overall electronic media platforms.

Gerald Frankowski showcased his heart-warming condolences over the tragic demise of his friend. Gerald told the world that being Thomas’s agent was an honor. He also said that Jeff did everything needed to thrive in the hustle and bustle of the modeling industry. He further added that it often became frustrating when he pondered over Jeff’s struggles, but he knew his late friend’s goals and passion for getting there.

Furthermore, one of his close friends lamented the loss of all his plans that would never be accomplished. It was so hard for her to think and process that there would not be a next time. She addressed Thomas as “my sweet Jeff” and continued remembering how they had planned the trip to Europe together. She was the one who was daydreaming, and Jeff Thomas was cracking jokes.

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Jeff Thomas’s other friend manifested the damage his sudden death caused her. She uttered that a void would remain, and she knew deep down that Thomas was aware of everything. The lady acknowledged her infatuation for Jeff by letting his spirit know that she would miss him, his texts, his smile, and most importantly, his dancing. “You know we loved you so much and always wanted the best for you, the same way you wanted it for everyone else.”

Where the unfortunate extinction of an American supermodel has given deep sorrow to his loved ones, it has also brought the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry under extreme criticism. Howbeit, people are awaiting the pending results of the autopsy to learn about Jeff Thomas cause of death.


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