Actor Robert Blake Dies at 89, What is Robert Blake Cause of Death?

On March 9, 2023, Robert Blake died at his home in Los Angeles, United States of America. The award-winning actor passed away at the age of 89. People from all over the world are curious to know about Robert Blake cause of death. Unfortunately, it was not a sudden death. Moreover, Robert Blake cause of death is known. The award-winning actor is famous for his roles in television dramas from the 1970s. However, he was acquitted of his second wife’s murder, while his trial captured the nation’s attention. Robert Blake was her 10th husband.

Since then, Blake’s acting career has been eclipsed by his involvement in the homicide of his better half. Later, a jury in a civil lawsuit found Rober Blake blameworthy for his wife’s cold-blooded murder. Initially, he was ordered to pay $30 million to Bonny Lee Bakley’s family, but Blake filed for bankruptcy. The amount was reduced after the investigation.

Interestingly, Blake told police that after having dinner in a Los Angeles restaurant, he returned to the restaurant to recoup a handgun he had forgotten. Upon his return, he found his wife bleeding from gunshot wounds in their nearby parked car.

Many questions need answers. What is Robert Blake cause of death? Was Robert Blake cause of death related to his wife’s death? Why was he famous? These questions require complete details, and without further ado, let’s jump into the details.

What Is Robert Blake Cause of Death? 

Robert Blake’s cause of death was a heart disease. He had been battling against his ailments for quite some time. Robert Blake’s niece—Noreen Austin, broke the tragic news of his passing in a statement. She communicated that surrounded by family and loved ones, Robert Blake departed from this life peacefully. Noreen further said that he was suffering from significant cardiovascular disease.

Furthermore, in the later years of his life, Robert Blake permanently dwelt in Los Angeles. His family revealed that he used to enjoy reading and writing poetry, Jazz music, and playing his favorite guitar.

Actor Robert Blake Dies at 89, What is Robert Blake Cause of Death?
Actor Robert Blake Dies at 89, What is Robert Blake Cause of Death?

A Brief Look at Robert Blake’s Career 

The dancing show helped Robert Blake start his Hollywood film career. He was five years old when he participated in a dancing competition with his two siblings. Luckily, he caught the attention of one of the finest studio casting directors, who launched him in Hollywood. The Little Rascal was his first movie. However, despite playing a brief role, he succeeded in making his career in the top-notch film and television industry. More than two hundred movies are present to his name. Additionally, he was also recruited into the army for a short period.

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Moreover, Tony Baretta was Robert Blake’s most promising and Emmy Award-winning role in the 1975–1978 superhit television series. He played the role of New York City’s undercover police detective and disguised himself as a street-smart boy. In 1976, he earned a Golden Globe Award for his notable roles in television series.

In 1997, Robert Blake performed his last and most prominent role in David Lynch’s movie, Lost Highway. The film revolved around a man who was accused of killing his wife.

Besides, in 2011, Blake penned a memoir detailing the nuances of his career and life known as “Tales of a Rascal: What I Did for Love.” Shortly after publication, he appeared on CNN, revealing to British journalist Piers Morgan that he did not specifically wish to discuss the case. Also, Morgan was told that Blake’s wife’s death was not the most significant thing in his life. Whatever his past was, the actor’s passing has saddened his fans and family. 

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