Kris Jordan Cause Of Death: An Untold Story

Kris Jordan, the District 60 state representative, suddenly passed away on February 25, 2023. The American politician was a part of the Republican Party for many years. He served in the Ohio House of Representatives since 2019. But how did he die? What is Kris Jordan cause of death? Was his death natural, or was something sinister at play? Keep on reading to find out Kris Jordan cause of death. 

Kris Jordan Cause of Death

Kris Jordan cause of death was a diabetic reaction. He had been a survivor of type 1 diabetes since the age of 18. Kris Jordan died at the age of 46. Jason Stephens, the Ohio House of Representative Speaker, in a Saturday afternoon memorandum, announced the news. 

However, as per the revelation of Andrew Brenner, an Ohio state senator, it was initially thought that Kris Jordan died of natural causes. In a statement, Brenner also extended his sincere condolences to Jordan’s wife Sara Marie and parents, whom he has known for “almost 30 years.

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Tribute to Kris Jordan 

Kris Jordan Cause Of Death An Untold Story
Kris Jordan Cause Of Death: An Untold Story

As many are giving tribute to him, Stephens described Jordan as a loving father to three children, a man of faith, a friend, and a leader. 

“It is with deep sorrow that I inform everyone of the passing of one of our own, Representative Kris Jordan. Kris was a loving father, a man of faith, a leader, and a person I considered a very dear friend. Kris was a lifelong resident of Delaware County and devoted his life to his community, friends, and neighbors. My heart goes out to Kris’s family, especially his three children and loving parents, Ralph and Pat,” he wrote.

The Delaware County Republican Party also took to Facebook to express their grief. 

“It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of our beloved friend and public servant Kris Jordan. Kris had lived a life of public service. I ask that you all keep his family in your prayers today, and please be respectful of their privacy as they mourn together. We will keep you all aware of arrangements as details come forth. Eternal rest unto him, and may the perpetual light of our God shine brightly upon him.”

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Andrew Brenner, a State Senator, also posted on Facebook about his time with Jordan. He said that Kris was an old friend of his from the 90s. They created the first Teenage Republican Club together in Delaware County, where Jordan served as the 1st president.

Brenner said in his post, “Through the years, we have given one another political advice, been friends, and always talked on a regular basis. He truly cared about the cause of liberty and promoted small government policies as a county commissioner, State Senator, and State Representative.”

Governor Mike DeWine also talked about Jordan’s death, saying that he and his wife, Fran, are “shocked and saddened” at Jordan’s sudden death. He extended his sincerest condolences to Jordan’s family. He further added that people will remember Kris “for his expertise as a legislator and his advocacy for the people of Delaware County.”

After Jordan’s death, Governor DeWine also ordered the United States and the State of Ohio flags at the Ohio Statehouse and other public buildings throughout Delaware County to be flown at half-staff until the sun set on his funeral day. 

More About Kris Jordan

Kris Jordan was the current state representative for District 60. Before serving in the Ohio House of Representatives, he represented the 2nd district. He was also a member of the Ohio Senate for eight years. He passed away during his third term in the Ohio house. No one back then thought that they would be searching for Kris Jordan cause of death so soon.

Jordan was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1997 and resided in Delaware County. He began his career as a Politician at 25 when he was elected as Delaware County Commissioner and served in this role for six years. He was then elected as a state representative in 2008.

Jordan graduated from Ohio State University. He was also a member of the Delaware County Right to Life, Delaware County Farm Bureau, and National Rifle Association. 

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