What is Georgina Beyer Cause Of Death?

Georgina Beyer, a New Zealand politician who was the world’s first openly transgender parliament member, passed away at 65 on March 6, 2023. Her death shocks millions of people who are deeply saddened by the death of one of the warmest and purest politicians. So what was Georgina Beyer cause of death? Did she die naturally? Or were sinister forces at play? Find out below!

Georgina Beyer Cause of Death

Beyer’s friends revealed that she died peacefully while she was under the care of hospice. They did not reveal the exact Georgina Beyer cause of death. However, the famous politician suffered from kidney failure and received a kidney transplant in 2017.

The prime minister of New Zealand, Chris Hipkins, commented on Beyer’s death saying that although he did not know her much personally, he knew that millions of people in New Zealand followed her. He acknowledged the lasting impression she had on the parliament of the nation. He said, “I certainly think that Georgina has blazed a trail that has made it much easier for others to follow.” Although, Chris, too, didn’t reveal Georgina Beyer cause of death.

What is Georgina Beyer Cause Of Death
What is Georgina Beyer Cause Of Death

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Malcolm Vaughan, one of Beyer’s friends, said he knew her for decades and was with her on Monday. However, he did not feel ready to discuss Beyer’s at the moment. Instead, he and his husband sent out a statement to the public. It read, “Georgie was surrounded by her nearest and dearest 24/7 over the past week; she accepted what was happening, was cracking jokes, and had a twinkle in her eye right until the final moment.”

They also said that Beyer was a treasure for the nation, or in indigenous Māori, “toonga.”

They ended the statement by saying, “Farewell, Georgie; your love, compassion, and all that you have done for the rainbow and many other communities will live on forever.”

We are still waiting to find out Georgine Beyer cause of death and will update you as soon as we find out more.

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Who was Georgina Beyer?

Beyer was a Maori who had a somewhat controversial job before joining politics. She was a nightclub performer and a sex worker. Then, in 1995, she was selected as the mayor of Carterton, a small town on North Island. After four years, she went ok to win the national office for Labour Party. She served in the position of MP until 2007.

Meyer helped in the passing of the landmark 2003 Prostitution Reform Act. This act decriminalized sex work.

While speaking to lawmakers during this time, Beyer said that the protections offered by the Prostitution Reform Act may have saved her from becoming a sex worker at the mere age of 16. The law would also help sex workers who are threatened and raped as they won’t fear seeking help from the police.

She told her fellow MPs, “I think of all the people I have known in that area who have suffered because of the hypocrisy of our society, which, on the one hand, can accept prostitution while, on the other hand, wants to push it under the carpet and keep it in the twilight world that it exists in.”

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Moreover, Beyer also helped pass a law allowing same-sex civil unions. The law was the stepping stone for passing a law that allows same-sex marriage. This is one of the many reasons why she had so many admirers who cared to find out Georgina Beyer cause of death.

The conservative National Party’s deputy leader, Nicola Willis, also shared her sentiments on Beyer’s passing on Twitter. She wrote, “We came from different political sides, but she had the power to breach the divide.”


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