Steve Harvey responds to hoax “#RIP Harvey” report of his death

Earlier on the social media platform, chaos ensued as the hashtag Rip Harvey trended. Many got confused about which Harvey this hashtag was referring to, and everyone came up with different famous Harveys this hashtag could be about. One of the celebrities the users thought this was about is Steve Harvey.

How Did #RIP Harvey Trend Start?

On July 18, 2023, Twitter became a hub of speculation and confusion as a death hoax concerning the beloved TV personality Steve Harvey gained traction. The hashtag RIP Harvey started trending, triggering a surge of reactions and discussions across the platform. However, the rumour took an unexpected turn when some social media users mistakenly associated the hashtag with Harvey Weinstein, a well-known figure in the entertainment industry.

The hashtag’s origin was rooted in an entirely different incident – the passing of a regular caller named Harvey Doyle. Harvey Doyle had garnered a significant following among Kentucky radio station KSR listeners, becoming a familiar and beloved presence to the show’s audience. The station’s host, Matt Jones, confirmed the heartbreaking news of Harvey Doyle’s passing and shared his grief with listeners, triggering the initial emergence of RIP Harvey.

Regrettably, as the hashtag spread beyond the radio station’s community, it caught the attention of people unfamiliar with the original context. The confusion ensued, and some users mistakenly linked it to Steve Harvey or Harvey Weinstein, two prominent personalities who share the same name but are not connected to the incident in any way.

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Steve Harvey responds to hoax ""RIP Harvey"" report of his death
Steve Harvey responds to hoax “RIP Harvey” report of his death

How Did Steve Harvey React?

As the hashtag RIP Harvey spread beyond the radio station’s community, it reached people unfamiliar with the original context, leading to unintended associations with Steve Harvey and Harvey Weinstein. The confusion that ensued prompted a mix of user reactions, with some expressing shock and concern, while others found humour in trying to decipher which Harvey the trend was referring to.

Amidst the speculations, Steve Harvey intervened to clarify the situation and end the rumours. He took a lighthearted approach and shared a meme of himself reacting to the trending hashtag RIP Harvey on Twitter. He subtly acknowledged the misunderstanding through the meme and light-heartedly addressed the mix-up. Additionally, the comedian retweeted some fan-made memes that playfully teased the confusion, adding a touch of amusement to the situation.

This wasn’t the first time Steve Harvey had faced a death hoax. In March 2023, he had to debunk similar rumours that had surfaced on Twitter. Thankfully, the Emmy Award winner is very much alive and well. The recent hashtag RIP Harvey trend was found to be based on a different individual altogether, and Steve Harvey’s witty response helped clear up the misunderstanding and reassure his fans that he is alive and kicking. Despite the momentary confusion, the incident showcased Steve Harvey’s ability to handle such situations with grace and humour.

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How Did Netizens React To #RIP Harvey?

After Steve Harvey responded to the RIP hoax, numerous users took the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings in the comments section.

One user commented, “Lol, but You have a great relationship with God. Death shouldn’t be scary because you will meet the one who has blessed you many times.”

Another fan of the TV host wrote, “Man because I had a slight panic attack, don’t leave us yet! We need you to make us laugh more.”

A third user shared their perspective, saying, “Look at the bright side… You get to see the impact your death will have on the world. For me… I would have reflected on your impact on me in my childhood, growing up watching you as Mr. Hightower.” It’s evident that Steve Harvey’s presence has profoundly impacted the lives of many, and they are expressing their admiration and appreciation in response to the hoax.

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