RB Battles Season 3: How Do You Get the Championship Badge?

Championship battles in RB Battles Season 3 have begun, giving players a chance to win free prizes like the Crown of Courage, the Golden Crown of Courage, and the Hood of Heroes for their efforts to preserve the Roblox Battles universe. These are limited items, and even if you trade, you won’t be able to obtain more of them. Although there is a possibility that the championship season will be played again in the future, items of the RB battle will only be available during the current season.

All About RB Battles Season 3

Nevertheless, acquiring them is not a simple endeavour. During certain phases, players will be required to participate in a variety of fights in order to earn rewards. As revealed by the developers so far, more information is provided below. 

Roblox players can get:

  • Crown of Courage, 
  • Golden Crown of Courage, and 
  • Hood of Heroes
All About RB Battles Season 3
All About RB Battles Season 3

The entire progression of rewards consists of three stages. These three items are unlocked only upon completion of the aforementioned tasks.

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The First Step Of RB Battles Season 3: Gather badges and other items

RB Battles Season 3 began on December 8, 2022, at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and they will be live-streamed almost every day on the RB Battle YouTube page. After that, the Roblox Battles game that was being played in the episode will launch an all-new, never-before-seen difficulty level for players to compete in.

To earn a badge for RB Battles Season 3, players need only log into the game and work through the challenges. After that, they will have to amass a total of 12 badges to advance to the following stage. There will be no badge available in Welcome to Bloxburg this season, even though 13 RB battle games and 13 episodes have already been confirmed. 

The First Step Of RB Battles Season 3: Gather badges and other items
The First Step Of RB Battles Season 3: Gather badges and other items

Next, get your hands on those Winner Wings!

Players will need to visit the RB Battles Season 3 experience and collect the  12 badges as part of the game’s transitional phase. They will be obligated to make their way to the Badge room in order to acquire the Winner’s Wings. Here’s how players can claim them:

  1. Get the game going as you normally would. Everyone is instructed to meet in the area surrounding the central tower.
  2. If you turn around in any direction, you should be able to find a building that is labelled “Event Badges” and is located directly next to “Shop.” 
  3. When the option is selected, players can see the wings displayed. After the players have collected the badges, the next step is for them to wait and watch.

Roblox Battles Universe Must Be Saved, the Third and Final Step

There is not much information available about what the outcome of the final battle in the game will be, but there is a possibility that it will be a battle royale, just like in the previous two championships.

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In order for players to earn the Crown of Courage at the conclusion of the RRB Battles Season 3 championship event, they must emerge victorious from the final battle.

After that, the prize the golden crown, will be awarded to the first 10,000 winners. Last but not least, the coveted “Hood of Heroes” will only be awarded to the first thirty winners.

RB Battles Season 3 has brought back the Battle Beam mode

In order to drum up support for the championship vote, the developers reinstated the sword after receiving numerous requests to do so. In the event that a player is called into the lobby, they must immediately proceed to the RB battle vote section. They will find the voting terminal and an option to interact. After that is done, a new window will open where the player can select “Claim” to receive the sword.

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Wrap – Up

The championship battles for Roblox Battles have begun, and as a reward for helping to keep the Roblox Battles universe safe, players are now able to claim cost-free items such as the Hood of Heroes, Crown of Courage, and Golden Crown of Courage. These items are extremely hard to come by and cannot be replaced in any way, not even through trading. 


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