Who is Pedro Pascal Girlfriend in 2023? Check the Celebration of His Previous Relationships

Well, no lady has been successful in being called Pedro Pascal girlfriend in 2023, while his love life has been a highly discussed topic among his fans. Pedro Pascal is a 47 years old Chilean-American actor whom Game of Thrones rewarded with fame. He is one of the sublime talents working on television. In ‘The Last of Us,’ he appears as Joel on HBO max. At the same time, he has been picked for a lead role in ‘The Mandalorian’ season 3.

In 2011, Game of Thrones Season 4 rose him to fame. It was his breakout in Game of Thrones. Oberyn Martel’s role was played by him in season 4 of GOT. Later, after four years, in 2015, he portrayed Javier Peña in Nacros—a Columbian-American crime drama series on Netflix. Recently, he hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ on February 4.

What Is Pedro Pascal’s Relationship Status in 2023?

Pedro Pascal is currently single. Until now, in 2023, not a single woman is known as Pedro Pascal girlfriend. He always kept his love-life private. Fans have constantly been guessing about his relationships as often he was photographed with different celebrities. This has naturally incited people to get involved in his personal life. Still, neither has he tied the not with anyone nor is there such news regarding his relationship.

Who is Pedro Pascal Girlfriend in 2023 Check the Celebration of His Previous Relationships
Who is Pedro Pascal Girlfriend in 2023 Check the Celebration of His Previous Relationships

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Despite being linked to different actresses in the past, the 47-year-old star is enjoying bachelorhood in 2023. Mr. Pascal’s ardent fans want to see him living happily ever after, but he doesn’t reveal anything about his personal life. We assume he is single as he has not been seen romantically involved with anyone since the start of 2023.

Who Were Pedro Pascal Girlfriends: Maria Dizzia as Pedro Pascal Girlfriend 

Maria Dizzia, a renowned American actress, was Pedro Pascal’s girlfriend. Mr. Pascal was associated with Maria Dizzia, the star of Orange Is The New Black. He dated her in the ’90s. In 2008, the couple appeared together in one of the episodes of Law & Order.

The star of Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal, has never been married. Although, he has been linked with some of his co-stars throughout the years.

Lena Headey: Pedro Pascal Lovelady 

Similarly, Pedro Pascal and Lena Headey were in a relationship in 2014. They both starred in Game of Thrones. Cersei Lannister was played by Lena Headey, while Pedro played Oberyn Martel in the best fantasy series. However, their relationship was spotlighted when Pedro Pascal’s girlfriend shared a picture with him with the caption “Sunshine Love” in 2014. They were seen numerous times together, but they never officially confirmed their relationship.

Moreover, Lena broke the news of her pregnancy in February and July, making fans suspect that Pedro Pascal and his girlfriend will be parents soon. However, the British heroine revealed that her baby’s father was Dan Cadan—a filmmaker. She was dating then she was no longer Pedro Pascal’s girlfriend. Later, she gave birth to a baby girl.

Pedro Pascal’s Fancy Woman: Robin Tunney

The Mentalist starred Robbin Tunney and Mr. Pascal. Robbin Tunney was the third girlfriend of Pedro Pascal. In 2015, while on a stroll in Hollywood, Pedro Pascal and his lady love were seen together. Later that year, the couple appeared together at Emmy Awards after-party.

However, it was never confirmed that he and Pedro Pascal’s girlfriend had a serious relationship like all his previous affairs. It was the last time in 2019 when the couple went on a dinner date in Los Angeles. They were never seen together after 2019.

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How Was His Relationship With Sarah Paulson?

There is a long list of Pedro Pascal’s girlfriends. Mr. Pascal’s past is full of romantic associations with different co-stars. Surprisingly, there has always been good evidence in all those affairs that they (Pedro Pascal and his alleged girlfriend) were just friends. There was a time when rumors wafted that Mr. Pascal was dating Sarah Paulson. He showed up to red-carpet events with Sarah Paulson that suggested to fans that they were in a serious relationship.

On the contrary, they have been friends since they met in New York City as teenagers. For more than 20 years, they have been best friends. Nobody could ever guess the status of his relationships due to his highly private life.

Celebrations of His Previous Relationships 

Besides his acting skills, the star of Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian—Pedro Pascal, has always been the talk of the town for being with different female celebrities over the years. Besides, people got excited and despondent whenever they saw Pedro Pascal’s girlfriends, but he never allowed his fans to invade his privacy. Interestingly, he was seen celebrating his all previous relationship. Still, nothing could be uttered with a hundred percent authority regarding his personal life.

Recently, he has hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ where notable comedians, artists, and actors come together to perform rib-tickling skits on various topics.

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