The Snow Girl season 2 Every Update You Must Know

Netflix’s latest thriller series ended on a cliffhanger and has made viewers question,” Will there be The Snow Girl season 2?” The first season premiered with all six episodes making fans addicted to the series. In fact, most of them binge-watched it within a day, and now, after the surprising turn of events in the finale, they are all impatiently waiting to know more about the second season and its progress. And so, here is everything we know about it!

The Snow Girl Season 2 Release Date

The first season of The Snow Girl was released on 27th January 2023 on Netflix. So, The Snow Girl season 2 will release in early 2024.

The Snow Girl season 2 Every Update You Must Know
The Snow Girl season 2 Every Update You Must Know

However, we must clarify that the second season still has to be green-lit by Netflix. Looking at the first season’s release date, we think there is nothing to worry about, as the streaming giant usually takes about a month or two before deciding whether a show will be renewed or canceled. Their decision is mainly based on the popularity and viewership of the show. In addition, there is plenty of content for a second season as the series is based on a book by Spanish author Javier Castillo. The book series consists of two books. The first one was the plot of the first season, and now, the second one is expected to be the plot of the second one.

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What to expect in The Snow Girl Season 2?

The first season was everything a viewer can imagine and more. It was the perfect blend of thrill, suspense, and mystery.

It ended with Miren solving one case only to land another within the final minutes. It shows her getting an envelope with “Want to play?” written. Inside the envelope is a polaroid of a young girl tied up in a trunk. The girl’s name is written in the polaroid’s caption, and that’s where the first season ends.

What to expect in The Snow Girl Season 2
What to expect in The Snow Girl Season 2

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Now, while everyone in the series is quiet about The Snow Girl season 2 and its possibilities, we think that some of the sequel’s answers lie in Javier Castillo’s The Souls Gam. Miren will probably visit the city of New York to look deeper into the case of the 15-year-old and her crucifixion. She will also try to find her connection to the polaroid and why it ended up in her hands. Moreover, The Snow Girl season 2 will look more into Miren’s past, especially the rape incident. She could not find the people responsible for it in the first season. But we can definitely picture her finding the assailants and punishing them.

Who will return for the second season?

Even though we are still waiting to hear an official word from Netflix on the renewal status of The Snow Girl season 2, we can assure you that if the second season happens, Milena Smit will be there to reprise her role as Miren. After all, she is an essential part of the series; without her, there is no The Snow Girl.

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Besides her, José Coronado will reprise his role as Eduardo, and Aixa Villagràn will reprise his role as the inspector Belén Millán. There will also be some new faces who will help unveil the mystery of the girl in the polaroid. But we do not know how many new actors will be there and what roles they will play yet. Once we get an update on it, we will let you know.

Until then, viewers can watch other shows in the same genre on the streaming platform.


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