Troll 2: Is the Release Date Confirmed on Netflix?

Troll 2 has become a current internet sensation after its massive success with the release of the first installment of the Troll movie. Director Roar Uthaug has definitely given the chills to the audiences through his directional work. Viewers are certainly claiming that the movie surpasses some of the biggest Hollywood hits. In just a short period, Troll has received immense success and critical acclaim. It is currently sitting at the top of the Netflix charts, and over the holiday season, the viewership is likely to increase. As a matter of fact, the film secured the number one spot in just a day of its release. 

Now with the massive success comes an added responsibility on the creators. The fans have started speculating about Troll 2, and they are hoping to get a positive response. So, will there be a Troll 2? Worry not. We have researched and found out about all the latest updates related to Troll 2.

Is The Release Date of Troll 2 Confirmed On Netflix?

As of now, the showrunners did not confirm the renewal status or release date of Troll 2 on Netflix. Since it has been only a few days since Troll is available to watch, there is still a considerable period of time left before announcing Troll 2 release date. The premiere date of Troll was 1st December 2022. And Netflix usually takes about a month at least to finally reveal their future plans with any show or film.

However, the creators of the movie have already shown interest in making a sequel. Rumours say that Troll 2 is already in the talks, and the film sequel’s announcement is coming soon. Director Roar Uthaug, along with producer Kristian Strand Sinkeurd shared their intentions of working on the second installment of the film during an interview. If we track the success of the film, it is definitely a hit. This increases the chances of renewal for a second part.

Is The Release Date of Troll 2 Confirmed On Netflix?
Is The Release Date of Troll 2 Confirmed On Netflix?

Though the release date of Troll 2 has not been publicly announced, the narrative of the first installment clearly hints that more mystery is on the way. It will feel incomplete if the story doesn’t explore more about the Troll legend. 

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When Will The Production of Troll 2 Start?

If things go on the right track and Troll 2 gets renewal confirmation, the production might start in early 2023. Viewers can expect the Troll 2 release date to be somewhere around Q3 of 2023. Thus, it means you can have Troll 2 on your screens if only the renewal status is given at the earliest.

When Will The Production of Troll 2 Start?
When Will The Production of Troll 2 Start?

What Is The Expected Plot of Troll 2?

Troll 2 will have a connection to that in the first installment. One who has closely watched the film may have noticed that Troll hinted about points we can possibly explore in the sequel. As the film concludes, the expected plot for Troll 2 becomes clearer. Of course, the investigation of the Troll legend will continue. Now, coming back to the possible plot, the sequel will start again with the explorers trying to find the truth about the Troll. The group might awaken another troll accidentally, which will be bigger and more dangerous than the one in the first part.

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Hopefully, the Prime Minister from the first film will again summon Nora and Andreas. This duo has successfully killed the monster in the Troll. Thus, they will be re-joining again with Amy to protect their homeland. The journey will be more difficult, and the obstacles will be harder than ever. Moreover, the challenges will be life-threatening since now the creatures are well aware of the fate of their Troll King. In fact, it will be the mission of the new creature to seek revenge for human beings who destroyed Troll King. The trolls were sleeping for thousands of years, but now they are wide awake to cause destruction ahead. Darker days are about to come!

What Is The Expected Plot of Troll 2?
What Is The Expected Plot of Troll 2?

Expected Cast

The commendable actors have taken the film a notch above through their acting. The Troll has set a high bar, and the creators, as well as the casts, have to match their own set expectations. Since the film will probably be a continuation of the first film, We will see the notable cast members returning to reprise their individual roles. So, who is probably going to come back for their roles? Here is the name of the actors and the character they are playing:

  • Ine Marie Wilmann playing Nora Tidemann
  • Kim Falck playing Andreas Isaksen
  • Mads Sjøgård Pettersen playing Captain Kristoffer Holm
  • Gard B. Eidsvold playing Tobias Tidemann
  • Dennis Storhu playing the army commander Chief of Defence General Sverre Lunde
  • Karoline Viktoria Sletteng Garvang playing Sigrid Hodne
  • Anneke von der Lippe playing Prime Minister Berit Moberg

Final Words

Troll 2 is still under review, and the renewal status is pending. But one thing for sure is if Netflix meets its viewership goals, then Troll 2 is going to happen. So, just be patient for a few more days!

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