How Did Paul Dodds Earn His $20 Million Net Worth?

Paul Dodds’ generous donation to the Ryan Trahan Charity Trust has attracted him unexpectedly. The public is quite confused about Paul Dodds net worth and what business he deals in. if you’re also in the same category, we got you covered with the following article!

Paul Dodds Net Worth

Paul Dodds net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. His specific business is unknown yet, but according to certain reports, Paul Dodds is a successful entrepreneur and businessman. His annual income is estimated to be $400,000! And this is not the first time he has donated to a nonprofit organization. He has made big donations in the past as well.

Paul Dodds Net Worth
Paul Dodds Net Worth

His main source of income seems to be his clinical position. According to Mid Cheshire Hospitals’ official account, Dr. Paul Dodds joined the hospital in 1986. And after working hard for 25 years there, he retired from his position. 

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He is indeed a very mysterious personality because very little is available about him on the web. Some rumors are circulating the net that Paul Dodds is the owner of some United States-based firms. No one has either confirmed or denied this news. Paul Dodds’s exact age is unknown yet, but he happens to be around 60 or 65. 


Paul Dodds is a married man, but he lives such a private life that very little is known about his wife and kids. But all of them are equally dedicated to the cause of charity. 

Moreover, you must also remember him as Zack from a TV series. Yes, you got it right, he’s also that British voice actor! Other than this role, he has also featured in other movies. In case you are interested in his filmography, here is a carefully crafted list:

  • National Theater Live’s Production of The Cherry Orchard
  • The Isle of Fortune
  • The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Titus Andronicus
  • Antony and Cleopatra: RSC Live
  • Performance of Antigone by National Theater Live
  • The Royal Shakespeare Company’s rendition of Julius Caesar

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Recently he donated around $100,000 to the 1 penny campaign of a famous Youtuber, Ryan Tarhan. This event is to provide free meals for the poor, and Paul Dodd’s donation has gained praise from many people worldwide.

So, this was everything you needed to know about Paul Dodds’s net worth and other personal details. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available on the web about him. Rest assured, in case of any new updates, we’ll add them to this site. So, stay tuned!


Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
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