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When you hear the name of Nakuul Mehta, does the famous Indian drama “Ishqbaaz” ring a bell? It probably does, doesn’t it? Seeing that the said drama not only made him one of the leading actors in the Indian Television Industry, but his stellar acting in his role as Shivaay Singh Oberoi really swooped the fans’ heart out to their core. Ultimately, leading to the ground-breaking show’s spin-off, Dil Boley Oberoi – as his chemistry with his co-star, Surbhi, was really impressive throughout the entire serial. Thus, their fans were quite taken by their unique love story. So, it does not come as a surprise that the actor did not only have fans from within the country or beyond the borders, but he also had fans overseas. More or less, the said show really acted as a much-needed breakthrough for his career as it subsequently gave way to countless other opportunities that came his way afterwards the show success. However, this does make us wonder what is Nakuul Mehta net worth, doesn’t it?

I mean, who would have thought that a model, who nobody knew little to nothing about, could make it big in acting and would be an apple of the eyes of many fans around the whole wide world? Well, he did make it big and is still thriving and flourishing in his professional career.

Want to know more about him? Fear not! Since we have got you covered. Here are all the details that you need to know about Nakuul Mehta and his net worth.

Who is Nakuul Mehta?

Before delving into the details of Nakuul Mehta’s net worth, here is a brief overview of Nakuul Mehta’s personal and professional background to make you understand how he got to the place that he is today.

Who is Nakuul Mehta?
Who is Nakuul Mehta?

Basic Details:

  • Nakuul Mehta is an Indian model and an actor.
  • However, he is mainly famous for his acting career and primarily works for Hindi television.
  • He was born on 17 January in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, in the year of 1983.
  • It is safe to say that he was born into a seemingly rich family. As it is said that his ancestor happens to be King Prithviraj Chauhan of Rajput Chauhan administration of Ajmer.
  • At present, the said actor in question is married to the singer Jankee Parekh.
  • The couple got wed on 28 January 2012 and had their first child ( a boy) on 3 February 2021- whom they named Sufi.

Career Overview:

  • After juggling with his modelling career, he got his first acting gig in 2012 with the drama “Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara” – appearing as the lead male character, Aditya Kumar. 
  • Yet, it was the role of Shivaay Singh Oberoi in Ishqbaaz and his portrayal of Ram Kapoor in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 that brought him the wide recognition that he has today.
  • Later on, Mehta goes on to make his web debut in 2016 with I Don’t Watch TV
  • Getting hit off in his web career, he subsequently became known for his role in web series like Never Kiss Your Best Friend and Zindagi in Short as well.
  • Moreover, his short film Ved and Arya also got off a great start and was immensely loved by the fans.

Education & Other Interests: 

It is safe to say that Nakuul Mehta is quite a talented guy. Considering the main fact that he not only completed his Master in Commerce from Mumbai University but he also took training in multiple dance forms. For instance:

  • Jazz
  • Hip hop
  • Breakdance
  • Folk dance
  • Salsa
  • Contemporary. 

Besides that,

  • He is also a trained ballroom dancer.
  • Subsequently, represented Maharashtra in the All India Dance Sport Federation in June 2011.

Moreover, he also got:

  • A silver medal in the Latin Ballroom Category (rumba).
  • As well as a gold medal in the Standard Ballroom Category (waltz).

Awards and Nominations:

Over the years, he has also earned a lot of accolades for his amazing work as an actor. Seeing that he has won awards like:

  • Two Indian Telly Award
  • Three Gold Award
  • One Big Star Entertainment Award
  • One Asian Viewers Television Award
  • Two Indian Television Academy Awards

Besides these achievements, he also got quite a number of nominations for:

  • Four Indian Television Academy Awards
  • One Asian Viewers Television Awards

Nakuul Mehta Net Worth in 2022: How Much Is It?

Even though it might be hard for most of you out there to believe, it is a true fact that the thirty-nine-year-old actor initially had a very slow start in his professional career.

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There is no doubt that Nakuul Mehta was, and still is, amazingly talented. He did start out as a struggling actor. But, like we have all heard growing up, “it is better late than never” – thus, his great efforts have more or less allowed him to get much-deserved success that he happens to have today.

Nakuul Mehta Net Worth in 2022: How Much Is It?
Nakuul Mehta Net Worth in 2022: How Much Is It?

Considering the integral factor that Nakuul Mehta has now has a net worth that happens to range between $2 Million USD dollars to $5 Million USD dollars.

Evidently, his efforts paid off and that too in a good way, as he ended up having a whopping net worth.

Nakuul Mehta Net Worth: How Much Is His Salary?

Although we do not know much about Nakuul Mehta monthly or yearly salary, we can speculate from the earnings that he gets from the shooting of each episode in his dramas that it might be quite a lot.

Seeing that as per our resources, Nakuul Mehta charges:

  • 45-55 k per episode.
  • However, there is a huge probability that it might be more than that.

Considering the main fact that Indian dramas often have lots and lots of episodes and multiple seasons to support that, then it would not be wrong to assume that the actor does earn well throughout his acting career.

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Besides that, he also continues to model for different brands and has also used his dancing talent here and there, which also allows him a lucrative sum for his other vocations.

Nakuul Mehta Net Worth: What Are His Assets?

At the moment, we do not have exact information about his assets except that:

  • He will soon have a claim over his ancestral house.
  • At present, he happens to reside in a lavish house in Udaipur.
  • He also owns a collection of cars, one of them being a BMW.

However, seeing that he has blue blood in his veins and is the descendant of one of India’s royal families:

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  • There happens to be a high chance that the actor might have more assets to his name. 
  • Even though the exact estimate has not been made public to the larger audience.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the actor’s work and social media platforms to get to know more about him.

While on the other hand, if you need to know more about other celebrities’ net worth, then do not forget to check our website for more recent updates.


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