Love Victor Season 4: Will the show return for another season on Hulu?

Victor Salazar’s story has more to it! Because according to some authentic reports, Love Victor is returning for a third season to Hulu. However, many suspect that this might be the final season. Well, then the fate of Love Victor Season 4 is quite clear. But considering that the show was a hit, we have some good news for you. Continue reading the article to find out more!

Love Victor Season 4 Cast

If the 4th season is to come, all of the main characters will return. As the third season is not out yet, we can’t be entirely sure of the characters starring in Love Victor Season 4. However, the following list includes the expected cast of the 4th season (considering that neither of the characters dies in the threequel): Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Katherine Langford, Alexandra Shipp, and Keiynan Lonsdale.

Love Victor Season 4 Cast
Love Victor Season 4 Cast

But it is not confirmed whether the 4th season will return. So, for now, it is better to keep the hopes low!

Love Victor Season 4 Release Date

The third season of Love Victor is confirmed to return on 15th June 2022. Moreover, the streaming site has confirmed that the show will end its run with the third season. So, Love Victor Season 4 does not have a release date.

But what is the reason behind its cancellation? The show has proved to be quite beneficial for the streaming site, but according to the writers, the story has gone past the high school phase, so it was high time to put a full stop to it. And if you’re an avid watcher of Hulu’s shows, you must know that the shows barely go beyond three seasons. 

Love Victor Season 4 Release Date
Love Victor Season 4 Release Date

But as we have noticed, certain shows return after getting canceled due to the fans’ demands. But the case with Love Victor is different as it isn’t getting canceled; instead, the story is ending. However, if we look on the positive side, it might get a spin-off because of the show’s undefeatable viewership and ratings. But all of this is based on our assumptions. 


As the show will not return for the 4th season, there is nothing you need to know about its storyline. However, the 3rd season is yet to come, and the finale is believed to wrap up the story. But what if it doesn’t? Nothing much can be said in this case, as Hulu has already decided. 

Although Love Victor Season 4 is not a possibility anymore, we can still give you a rough idea of what could have happened in the 4th season. Nick Robinson might not be there because, as we saw in the second season, Victor thanked Simon for all that he has done for him. This was his way of telling Nick that he was now ready to live on without him. But if the third season entails a significant plot line involving Simon, you could expect him to return; however, the chances of this happening are bleak. 

Victor has gone through a lot of growth in the past three seasons of Love Victor. The 4th season will also focus on him and other issues that went unnoticed in the previous installments. But again, we would like to mention that this is all based on our assumptions. 


As the Love Victor Season 4 will never happen, we don’t have a trailer for it either! However, you can stream the official trailer for Love Victor Season 3 on YouTube!

Unfortunately, this is all we can say about the 4th season of Love Victor. In case of any new updates, we’ll add them to this site, so make sure you bookmark this page. So, stay tuned! 

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