The Boys Season 4 Release Date – Is it Confirmed or Not?

The Boys Season 4 has created a staggering buzz in town after the premiere of Season 3. The final for Season 3 will air on 8th July but viewers are dying to know if fourth installment is on the way. After just three episodes, fans are speculating the renewal for another season. The stellar cast makes every legendary scene memorable and fans cannot wait for the confirmation of fourth Season. Let’s dig in to find out more about Season 4.

The Boys Season 4 Release Date

Amazon Prime Video has not announced the release date for The Boys Season 4. As a matter of fact, there is no official confirmation of The Boys renewal for Season 4. However, there’s still hope because fans have found possible clues hinting at Season 4. Firstly, Karl Urban ( Billy Butcher) stated in an interview that he was shooting for The Boys till the end of 2022. Fans were quick to put two and two together as Season 3 will wrap up in July. If that’s the case, Karl must be filming for another season. Another key hint came when Jeffrey Dean Morgan was unable to perform his cameo role in Season 3. Jeffrey tweeted that he’ll make it work in May 2022.

The Boys Season 4 Release Date
The Boys Season 4 Release Date

All the promising details are setting the stage for the return of The Boys Season 4. Eager fans have to wait for further announcements to make any conclusion regarding The Boys Season 4. As of now, it is too early to make claims and fans can enjoy The Boys Season 3 for the time being.

Hopefully, by the end of 2022 Amazon delivers some good news for the eager fans.

If the hints are true, fans can expect to see Season 4 in 2023. However, only time will tell what happens further.

The Boys Season 4 Cast

The Boys Season 3 is ongoing so it is too early to predict the cast for The Boys Season 4. If all cast members survive this season, chances are most of them will reprise their roles in The Boys Season 4.

The Boys Season 4 Cast
The Boys Season 4 Cast

The main cast includes:

  • Karl Urban who plays Billy Butcher
  • Jack Quaid in the role of Hughie Campbell
  • Anthony Starr as Homelander
  • Chace Crawford as Kevin Moskowitz

What to expect in Season 4?

The Boys Season 3 has set a new benchmark for superhero satire. With impressive positive ratings in just three episodes, The Boys is enjoying its roaring success. Erik Kripke will not let the opportunity of a power packed show go in vain. The possibility of The Boys Season 4 is high given its positive reception.

The Boys perfectly depicts America’s fantasy version in a comical, fearless way. The Boys Season 3 also has violent scenarios which tests the viewer’s boundaries but makes the show a lot more interesting. Season 4 will feature Jeffrey Dean Morgan in another memorable role. His presence in The Boys Season 3 was not possible due to some setbacks. However, after the fallout of events from The Boys Season 3, Erin Kripke should be ready for the upcoming season given the popular demand.

We know that The Boys Season 4’s release is imperative to give fans more clarity on previous events in Season 3. For now, viewers have to wait for further updates to understand what the plot for Season 4 entails.


There is no trailer for Season 4 because Season 3 is still ongoing. Fans can expect a trailer after Amazon Prime Studio makes an official announcement of the return of Season 4.

Till then new episodes for The Boys Season 3 are lined up till July. It will be a fun ride given the new power dynamics. Till then stay tuned to know more about fourth installment!

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