Hunters Season 2 Release Date on Prime Videos Expectations

Amazon Prime officially renewed Hunters Season 2 two years ago, and we are still waiting for it to premiere! 

Hunters is an iconic conspiracy drama series that features Nazi hunters as they track down the remaining Nazis in the U.S in 1955 and stop them from creating the Fourth Reich. The series reveals lots of bone-chilling holocaust truths and the atrocities committed by the Nazis. It was created by David Weil, inspired by his grandmother’s holocaust survival stories. 

The series currently has one season, with a second one currently in the making. When will Hunters Season 2 come out? Is there an official release date? What is delaying its release? Keep on reading to find out everything there is to know about Hunter Season 2, including its expected release date on Prime Videos. 

Hunters Season 2 Release Date 

Season 1 of Hunters came out in February 2020. A few months later, in August 2020, the producers renewed the series for a Hunters Season 2. The news was officially announced on Amazon Prime’s Twitter page in a tweet that reads,

“*record scratch* 

*freeze frame*

You heard it here first. #HuntersTV will be back for Season 2.” 

Hunters Season 2 Release Date
Hunters Season 2 Release Date

Amazon Studios head also released an official announcement regarding the series’ second season. 

“With Hunters, David Weil’s bold vision and fearless imagination powered a thrilling, twisty, action-packed first season that engaged Prime Video customers worldwide. We are thrilled that David, Jordan, and the Hunters will be back with us for more.”

Creator David Weil has confirmed that filming for the series has begun. In October 2021, he told Entertainment Weekly that part of the filming was complete. 

“I’m gonna get in trouble for saying this, but we’ve completed our U.S. leg of filming, and we will be shooting in Europe in the coming days. So, we’re very much in production, and I hope that we’ll be speaking at some point next year about the release of Hunters season 2,” he said. 

Based on Weil’s comment, the release date of Hunters Season 2 will probably be announced this year. Thus, we may get to watch the upcoming season in early to mid-2023. However, there is no official word on the exact release date of Hunters Season 2 yet. 

Moreover, fans can also expect to see a third, fourth and fifth season of the series as the director is on board to create them! He said, 

“I have at least five seasons’ worth of ideas of where I see the series going, and I certainly know the ending of the series.”


The previous season ended with a heart-stopping cliffhanger! Hitler finally made his appearance in the series! However, we couldn’t see his whole face- his lower half, including the mustache! We see Joe having dinner with him and his wife, The Colonel! Hitler’s story will play a massive part in the next season! Director Weil also chipped in his two cents regarding the terrifying Nazi leader’s appearance in the series. 

“I think the introduction of perhaps the most villainous character in history deserves a fitting season that pursues that character. My hope for season 2 is that there’s a great deal of thrills and terror, emotion, heart, catharsis, peril, and to deliver a season that is even bigger, that really builds on season 1 and pays off for our audience in a big way.”

Additionally, Joe will be used by the Nazis “as a tool for destruction.” After his lunch with the Hitler family, we are curious to know his fate turns out! 

Moreover, we also found out Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino), the leader of the Hunters, was a Nazi surgeon! Thus, he was immediately killed by the Hunters for his betrayal. However, he may return in the form of flashbacks in Season 2. Director Weil was asked about the fake Al Pacino’s fate, to which he replied, “No Comment.” 

The new season will also deal with Sister Harriet’s loyalty! She is plotting something, but we don’t know what it is and who it is with! 

All in all, Hunters Season 2 will tell bone-chilling stories of the Holocaust survivors and the Nazis! It will be a spectacular season with lots of plot twists and crimes.

Hunters Season 2 Cast 

Hunters Season 2 Cast
Hunters Season 2 Cast

The following actors will be returning to star in Hunters Season 2, 

  • Logan Lerman – Jonah Heidelbaum 
  • Saul Rubinek- Murray Markowitz
  • Kate Mulvany- Sister Harriet
  • Jerrika Hinton- Millie Morris
  • Lena Olin- The Colonel / Eva
  • Carol Kane- Mindy Markowitz
  • Greg Austin- Travis Leich
  • Tiffany Boone- Roxy Jones
  • Josh Radnor- Lonny Flash
  • Dylan Baker- Biff Simpson
  • Louis Ozawa- Joe Torrance

Moreover, actress Jennifer Jason Leigh will also be a part of the upcoming season’s cast. She will play the role of Chava Apfelbaum- A Nazi hunter. A new actor, Udo Kier, has also been included in the cast crew as Adolf Hitler. Tommy Martinez and Emily Rudd will also appear in Season 2, but their roles are unknown yet. 


Hunters Season 2 does not have a trailer as of yet! However, if the production is wrapped up soon, we may get our first looks at the second season by late 2022 or early 2023.

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