Lamar Jackson contract: How and Why Russell Wilson’s new contract is a huge win for NFL owners

The new season is just around the corner, and the contract renewals make this phase attractive. This deal between Russel Wilson and the Broncos will be a huge turning point for both sides. This long-term contract has other NFL players in slightly worried condition. Lamar Jackson is yet to renew his contract with the Ravens. As he does not have an agent the negotiations are becoming hard to manage. Will the Lamar Jackson contract happen in 2022? To find out, continue reading the article!

Lamar Jackson contract: Why is the Russel Wilson contract a victory for NFL owners? 

To summarize, this contract renewal between Russel Wilson and the Broncos is good news for the Ravens. But a bad thing for Lamar Jackson. As he is still waiting to finalize something. Why has Lamar Jackson still not signed a contract? This is because he is determined to have a fully guaranteed deal. And until now, the Ravens haven’t shown any real effort either. So, the future doesn’t seem so bright. This might be leading to their eventual split!

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Lamar Jackson contract: Why is the Russel Wilson contract a victory for NFL owners? 
Lamar Jackson contract: Why is the Russel Wilson contract a victory for NFL owners?

Broncos’ new caretaker Rob Walton played very well in securing Wilson a long-term contract! This deal is valid until 2028. So, Wilson has been booked for a long time now. The NFL star revealed in an interview that he wants to stay with Denver and play for them for a long time. And his dreams did come true with this contract renewal. Things haven’t been so good for Denver since Peyton Manning retired. So, they had to do something about this spot. There is no denying this was a master move to get Wilson to sign a deal with them. They had to negotiate with the Seahawks as well to bag Wilson. Because Wilson still has two years of contract left with the Seahawks (his contract expires in 2023). But the Broncos took care of the matter quite effectively. 

The contract that Russel Wilson secured for himself is a huge deal. Because this 7-year contract will bring $296 to the NFL star. But the even more significant achievement is that this contract is not fully guaranteed. So, even though Wilson has signed this contract it is still good news for the NFL owners. The Broncos’ owner is worth $60 billion. So, the deal they signed with Lamar is not very big for them. However, the quarterbacks are still in a tight spot. With this deal between Wilson and the Broncos, they’ll find themselves in a difficult position, as with Lamar Jackson. 

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Both Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson are high-profile quarterbacks. And delaying negotiations with them regarding the contract renewal is a risky thing to do. Wilson is also stoked with this new deal he signed with the Broncos. He showed interest in the team and said his focus was to win a Super Bowl for the Broncos. 

As mentioned before, Lamar is still waiting to sign a contract. He hasn’t officially confirmed how much he’ll go for. But there are some speculations about his demand. According to one source, Lamar expects to secure a deal worth $186 million. And if he succeeds in negotiating well, he’ll become the second highest paid athlete in the NFL, which will be an achievement for someone so young. So, he’ll get around $46.5 million per year. But will the Ravens agree to this? That remains to be seen. Recently a rumour broke out about the pay rate that Ravens offered to Lamar. But Lamar Jackson cleared the air by announcing that he has not yet received any such deal from the Ravens.

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Watson is also in a similar position. But he is delaying this process, which is not necessarily good. It is a considerable risk to take. 

That was everything you needed to know about Lamar Jackson’s contract. Do you think both parties will be able to conclude in 9 days? Let us know in the comments below! For more information, don’t forget to bookmark this page. 


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