News about Kelly Clarkson divorce, Brandon Blackstock, and Kids

Kelly Clarkson divorce happened back in June 2020. After seven years of marriage, she decided to part ways with her then-husband, Brandon Blackstock. Also, the alimony money she needs to provide for her husband is huge. The judge ordered her to pay $200,000 monthly to her husband’s spouse and child support. Even though this looks like a huge amount for Kelly Clarkson’s divorce settlement, it is not her. It is because her monthly income of income is $1.5 million. As a part of spousal support, she needs to pay $150,000 a month; for child support, she must pay $45,601 per month. However, this monthly payment is temporary until a final settlement happens. 

Kelly Clarkson Divorce Reaction

A few days ago, we saw more of Kelly Clarkson’s divorce reaction after she appeared on the Today Show with Hoda Kotb and Carson Daly co-hosts. It was the first time she spoke about her divorce after finalizing all the documents. 

Kelly Clarkson Divorce Reaction
Kelly Clarkson Divorce Reaction

She started by talking about her children. She spent her summer with her family in the mountains. The ki were both with her and their dad. She said that the kids had to travel a lot since Kelly Clarkson’s divorce procedures. As a result, she felt that her kids now feel centred a bit. Additionally, she added that Kelly is happy that her divorce is finalized. 

During the entire Kelly Clarkson divorce procedure, the kids were a priority. Additionally, she plans to begin the next chapter of her life with her kids. Also, her career is going well. So, overall, she is in a much better place now. 

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Kelly Clarkson Is Happy After Divorce Finalization 

According to many sources, the singer is in a much better stage after the divorce. A source previously told People that Kelly is happy to have the divorce finalized. Now a new chapter for the singer begins. If we analyze her statements, we know that her kids will be her main priority in this new phase. Also, she is swamped in her career. Therefore, assuming that she is personally and professionally happy after the divorce is safe. 

Kelly Clarkson Is Happy After Divorce Finalization 
Kelly Clarkson Is Happy After Divorce Finalization

The Money Matters 

As discussed above, Kelly Clarkson’s divorce will pay Brandon quite a bit of alimony. Let us now dig deeper to find out more about it. Her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, was an American Idol winner. He also worked as an entertainment manager but left the job to become a full-time rancher. 

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After plenty of court movement, the ex-couple agreed on a custody agreement. As per the agreement, the father can spend one weekend a month with his kids. Therefore, the child support payment is $45,600 in a month. Also, Brandon was staying at the ranch belonging to Kelly during the divorce procedure, and he had to pay a rent of $12,500 monthly. Previously, in October 2021, a judge gave Kelly full legal ownership of the Montana ranch. However, after a compromise, Kelly gave up 5% of the farm to Brandon. The value of the ranch is nearly $17 million, and with a 5% stake in it, Brandon’s property is worth $900k. 

Healing After Kelly Clarkson Divorce

Healing After Kelly Clarkson's Divorce
Healing After Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce

During an interview, Kelly said that her navigating through the divorce has been the hardest. She added that she is a human and she did something huge. It was neither easy for her nor her kids. The last two years were hard for everyone. Furthermore, she added that her new music is on its way. Also, she confirmed that she has finally gotten her crap together. She now needs to figure out when she will release her new music.

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