EntertainmentKingsman 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and More

Kingsman 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and More

Even after so many delays to the movie and completely no news, Kingsman 3 is already ready to end the story of Harry Hart and Eggsy. However, this is not the sequel of the Kingsman movie which was planned to be released. 

The King’s Man is basically the movie that represents the origin of the secret spy organization. Even though it is the 3rd movie on the list of Kingsman, it is not Kingsman 3, as this part doesn’t have any characters from the previous part. 

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Kingsman 3, which might even be known as Kingsman: The Blue Blood, is going to end the trilogy. However, this won’t end the list as the director Matthew Vaughn has planned a different part for the list.

Moreover, the delay in the release of The King’s Man in 2021 has made all the news on Kingsman 3 on the ground. But this doesn’t mean we have no update about Kingsman 3. Here is everything you should know about the movie

The Release Date of Kingsman 3

The story of the movie The King’s Man after so many delays is finally planned to be released on 22nd December 2021. As per the situation, it is more likely till now that this release date is final.


Kingsman 3
Unfortunately, there is no update about the release date for Kingsman 3. Moreover, it has not even started filming yet, so there is still a doubt about when the movie will be released. 

It was initially thought that Vaughn would not direct the prequel. But later on, he admitted that he had no idea about what he wished to do when he had a new movie. So he decided to sit back again on the directing chair.

Moreover, if the production is going to start in 2021 then it can be expected that we can see Eggsy and Harry Hart once again in 2022.

The Cast of Kingsman 3

Without any doubt, Eggsy and Harry(Taron Egerton, and Colin Firth respectively) are definitely going to be on the show for the last part. Also as said by Vaughn they are planning on ending the relationship of Eggsy and Harry and the final chapter will decide that.

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Also, there was constant confusion about if Egerton will be in his role or not. But as mentioned before the Kingsman movie will be the prequel and this also means that there will be no Egerton in the movie.

Other than this it is not yet clear who all are going to be back in the final chapter of the movie. Sophie Cookson’s Roxy and Mark Strong’s Hamish Mycroft were already killed in the second part. However, considering Harry Hart to return after being shot is yet a mystery.

The Plot of Kingsman 3

Except for the fact that the final chapter will tell the story of Eggsy and Harry Hart, there is no other information about the plot for the 3rd part. But without any doubt, the final chapter is going to be as unexpected as all other Kingsman movies.

As Vaughn said, people are either going to go crazy in a good way or go crazy in a bad way. He also added that they are finishing the script but the actors are going on a journey and if anyone can predict what’s coming then he will give up. If you are still wondering about what will happen in the next movie then do not worry the wait will be over soon.

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