Kellie Pickler Children: Did Kellie Pickler Have Children With Kyle Jacobs?

After Kyle Jacobs passed away suddenly at the age of 49, fans are constantly checking on Kellie Pickler children and the current updates on the American Idol alum. Kyle was found dead at his home on 17th February, Friday and the authorities believe it to be a suicide. Unfortunately, Kellie was asleep when this incident took place. She woke up shortly after the suicide and immediately called 911 as the country singer couldn’t open the door to the room where Kyle took his life. He died from “an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.” Later, the Nashville Police Department confirmed that the team was investigating the matter as an alleged suicide.

As the news broke out, the well-wishers have been worried about the well-being of Kellie Pickler children and the singer. The family is still in shock and trying to handle their grief privately.

As more information about their personal life keeps surfacing, fans need clarification about Kellie Pickler children. The couple has been together for years, but there are no updates about Kellie Pickler children with Kyle. So, did the couple ever have kids?

Read the truth about their married life here.

Kellie Pickler Children: Did Kyle Jacobs and The American Singer Have Kids?

No, Kyle and Kellie never had children. Any information about Kellie Pickler children is false. The couple is dog parents and has two loving furry kids. In 2019, the American Idol star shared the news with Us Weekly. Later, Kellie Pickler children rumors surfaced, but the lovers never expanded their family.

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Why Did Kellie Pickler And Kyle Jacobs Never Have Children?

The couple has been married for over a decade, and the thoughts of Kellie Pickler children were never in question since the duo was clear about what they wanted in life. In an interview, Kellie Pickler was asked about her views on having children. She clarified that they were not ready to raise a human being and take the responsibility of being a parent. Later in 2019, Us Weekly again wanted to know her plans to have Kellie Pickler children and about expanding her family. But again, the singer replied that they still did not feel ready but started a new parenting journey with their puppies.

Did Kellie Pickler Have Children With Kyle Jacobs?
Did Kellie Pickler Have Children With Kyle Jacobs?

However, she had never completely shut down the idea of having Kellie Pickler children. The singer knew they would grow their family once the couple felt right.

Kyle and Kellie Were Married For Over A Decade

With all the speculations about Kellie Pickler children and constant gossip, Kyle and Kellie’s love never faded. The country singer and Kyle first met when a mutual friend introduced them in the early 2000s.

Kyle tried to impress the singe with the pickup line, “Hi, I’m Kyle. I’m a songwriter.”

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The Red High Heels singer instantly hit it off, and the very next day, they began working together. In July 2010, the couple got engaged and later planned to have an extravagant Nashville wedding. However, they made a last-minute change and boarded a jet to Antigua.

The couple finally had a private and low-key ceremony on the 2011 New Year. It was unplanned. However, Kellie and Kyle loved it. Kellie has always mentioned how incredible the day was because everything happened spontaneously.

It has been more than a decade, and the couple never stopped gushing over each other. Although the questions about Kellie Pickler children kept bothering them, they ensured to be there to support each other. In a recent 2021 interview with The Boot, Kellie said how she feels best when spending time with her husband. Kyle always complimented her natural beauty and kept reminding her that she was the most beautiful woman of his life. Thus, the sudden death of Kyle shattered the singer and ripped her life apart.

Though Kellie Pickler children are not in the picture, the recovery journey from this trauma will not be easy. We pray for Kellie to find the strength to deal with the tough time. Rest in peace, Kyle!

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