Who is Veronika Rajek Husband? Is She Married to An Olympic Player?

The rumors of Tom Brady’s new girlfriend surfaced on the internet, and everyone is interested to know about Veronika Rajek’s husband. Brady’s very public split with supermodel Gisele Bündchen has gotten media attention. Soon after the break, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback was seen with model Veronika Rajek. The media outlets are speculating Veronika to be his new girlfriend. However, there are also updates on Veronika Rajek husband and reports claiming that she is legally the wife of someone else. Since then, the hunt to discover more details about Veronika Rajek husband continues. Moreover, there is gossip that Veronika Rajek husband might be an Olympic player.

Who is Veronika Rajek Husband Is She Married to An Olympic Player
Who is Veronika Rajek Husband Is She Married to An Olympic Player

Additionally, fans learned that Veronika Rajek husband is also an entrepreneur. Being Brady’s alleged girlfriend means you will constantly be under media scrutiny, especially after his previous relationship ended. On the contrary, there have been few updates about the ongoing relationship status between Tom and Veronika. Still, it doesn’t stop the fans from digging deeper through her life before dating Brady and all about Veronika Rajek husband.

Who Is Veronika Rajek Husband? Is He An Olympic Player?

Veronika Rajek husband is Olympic Bobsled pilot Viktor Rajek. They married on 13th January June 2019. It has been four years of their marriage, and the husband and wife do not have any kids. Veronika Rajek husband represented Slovakia as a professional during the 2006 Winter Olympics. He was a part of the two-person and four-man events. After his professional sports career, he chose to retire. He is now the proud owner of a restaurant in Vienna, Austria, Bier & Bierli.

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As updates are there, Veronika Rajek husband and the model are still married. But recently, they have been hanging out a little in public. Furthermore, neither Veronika Rajek husband nor the model has posted anything on social media to clarify the doubts. Thus, fans suspect that it might be over, and it is only a matter of time before we will have updates on the divorce news of the couple.

Who Is Veronika Rajek?

After you learn about Veronika Rajek husband, here is more about the rumored Tom Brady girlfriend. Veronika was born on 20th February 1996 in Slovakia. She is an ambitious woman who became a popular Slovakian model and social media influencer. Veronika started her career as early as her teenage years. Her first-ever entry into the modeling world was in Milan, Italy, at 14. She started posting on social media to make herself known to the world. Veronika is famous in her own country, and her current admiration for Tom Brady has made her a familiar face amongst American audiences.

Furthermore, before Veronika Rajek’s husband and her relationship became a topic of discussion for the audiences, she was Miss Slovakia 2016. But the model recently got backlash due to her controversial claim stating, “life is hard for beautiful people.” The heavy criticism was also around her looks. Many accused her of excessively using photoshop and filters to enhance her features. And now, there are much more discussions about Veronika Rajek husband.

Is Tom Brady Dating Veronika Rajek?

The chaos of Veronika Rajek husband started because of Tom Brady’s link with Veronika. She is a fan of Tom. Rumors are floating that are escalating at a faster rate. Tom was already in controversy with his divorce from Gisele after 13 years of marriage. The couple even has beautiful children. However, Veronika Rajek husband is the newest issue of his life. 

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A blurred picture of a couple kissing on a beach has been going viral on the internet. Many media outlets suspect it to be Tom and Veronika. Besides, the model also posted specific photos on her Instagram wearing the same bikini as seen in the viral picture. However, you need to find out if that was Veronika and Tom in the picture. Well, all of the news are just rumors. The alleged couple has not spoken anything about their relationship. They neither denied nor confirmed it.

If there is anything more about Veronika Rajek husband and the relationship status of Tom and Veronika, we will update it immediately. For now, it is a very hush-hush scenario, and you cannot expect anything to come out so soon.

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