PewDiePie Wife: PewDiePie and Wife Marzia Are Expecting Their First Child

PewDiePie wife and the YouTube sensation are finally expanding their family. Fans have watched the couple grow as lovers, husband and wife, and now, as parents. It is a moment of rejoicing for the favorite internet couple and the dedicated fans who have followed their journey so religiously. PewDiePie wife and Swedish YouTuber have shared this happy news with the fans. And it has now become worldwide news!

The 33-year-old Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg, aka PewDiePie, and his wife, Marzia Kjelberg, have been together for over a decade. Being PewDiePie wife came with a lot of responsibility since he is one of the OG YouTubers and the first-ever individual content creator with 100 million subscribers. His army of fans has always stayed loyal to him. Even today, he is one of the top YouTubers that the world has ever seen. When PewDiePie wife’s pregnancy news was announced, it broke the internet. So, how did the fans get an update about PewDiePie wife having a baby?

PewDiePie Wife Marzia And The YouTuber Is Expecting Their First Child

PewDiePie wife, Marzia, and Felix uploaded a touching video on PewDiePie’s YouTube channel on 5th February to announce that they expect a child with his 111 million subscribers. The video had the title “We’re having a baby!”. Through the 1.5-minute video, they detailed the journey so far of PewDiePie wife’s pregnancy. They used a cute couple of photos of PewDiePie holding Marzia’s belly from the back while PewDiePie wife held up the ultrasound photos as the video’s thumbnail.

PewDiePie and Wife Marzia Are Expecting Their First Child
PewDiePie and Wife Marzia Are Expecting Their First Child

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The YouTuber shared specific heart-warming pictures of the entire pregnancy journey to date. They also documented the whole thing, such as sharing the news with their parents over video calls. With the family getting emotional, the soon-to-be-dad also praised his wife for being brave in dealing with morning sickness and all the changes. The montage continued talking about PewDiePie wife current cravings for strawberries, and the couple is enjoying every bit of it. Undoubtedly, soon-to-be parents are confident about raising their children.

Moreover, the YouTuber also clarified that the PewDiePie wife first found out about being pregnant in November. He has kept this a secret for the most extended period and is thankful for everything going so well. Felix feels extremely happy to be able to grow as a family with a woman he loves with all his heart.

The fans are joyous about PewDiePie wife and his new chapter of life. The video got more than 4 million views and over a million likes in a few hours. Every fan who has seen them build a life together congratulates them and showers the couple with all the best wishes for a beautiful future. It is a moment of pure happiness!

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The Lovely Relationship Of Felix and Marzia

PewDiePie wife, Marzia, was a famous Italian internet personality and YouTuber before she started dating PewDiePie. Though he needs no introduction, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie got incredibly renowned for his hilarious commentary on video games, reviewing of videos, memes, and more. He is amongst the most prominent YouTubers. So, when Marzia became his girlfriend, he officially introduced her, and his fans knew this relationship would last forever.

If you are wondering how Marzia went from being his girlfriend to PewDiePie wife, here is what went down. Marzia’s friend introduced the then-YouTuber to PewDiePie’s YouTube channel. Marzia then emailed Felix to appreciate his efforts and let him know that she found Felix’s videos funny. The couple officially started dating in 2011, and after dating for eight long years, they exchanged vows in August 2019. It was a very private ceremony.

PewDiePie has always been very controversial, and Marzia chose to stick with him even during tough times. But the couple has proven to be the perfect match for each other. However, this is the first time they will feel the joy of being parents since they already consider themselves dog parents of three loving dogs. PewDiePie’s wife and the star have Puga, Ink, and Edgar, who died recently in 2022.

Well, we are as excited as the YouTuber to see PewDiePie wife deliver the ultimate great news to us. They have matured as a couple, and we are sure they will be the best parents. We wish them all the best for their next journey and hope they make the best memories together!

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