Is She Hulk Gay?

Growing up, we have all heard of a very strong and strikingly green superhero called, The Hulk. Moreover, the said superhero may have been a role model for many of you out there as well. Seeing that lots of people love to see him on-screen, fighting with enemies and saving the world over and over again. Thus, with the release of the MCU version of The Hulk, the dynamics of this ever-growing love and appreciation for the said character increased even more for the fans around the world. However, what we were not expecting was the arrival of another superhero in the Marvel Universe. I mean typically a superhero that more or less has similar powers like Hulk himself. As well as the very obvious green skin that he possesses. Who in the whole world would have thought that we are going to get a female version of the Hulk! Or more precisely, a She Hulk. But, apparently, we are getting one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which, if you ask me, was a genius idea. Considering the main fact that with just a little amount of time, She Hulk: Attorney at Law has become one of the most hyped upcoming television series around the world. However, the anticipation brings with it many speculations and one of them is about the new character’s sexuality. Seeing that the fans presumably thinks that She Hulk is gay? 

Here are all the details that you need to know about the said news!

She Hulk: Attorney at Law: All That You Need to Know!

Before delving into the sexuality of the character, here is a little insight about this show:

She Hulk: Attorney at Law: All That You Need to Know!
She Hulk: Attorney at Law: All That You Need to Know!

Basic Information:

  • She Hulk: Attorney at Law is an upcoming American television series.
  • The forthcoming series is the result of the creative abilities of Jessica Gao.
  • The said show was officially announced in the month of August 2019.
  • While, on the other hand, the news of Gao being hired as the head writer of the show was released in the month of November, 2019
  • Moreover, it is going to premiere on the streaming service, Disney Plus on August 18, 2022.
  • The show is basically based on the Marvel Comics character, She Hulk.
  • Besides that, this series is also going to be the eighth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).
  • Furthermore, the series story-arc is also in-line with the films of the franchise.
  • With Kat Coiro as the director of the upcoming series 

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Plot Details:

  • She Hulk or Jennifer Walters, who is the attorney at law specialising in cases involving superhumans.
  • However, things get out of hand as she accidentally ends up receiving a blood transfusion from his cousin, Bruce Banner AKA Hulk. 
  • That exposure to gamma-irradiated blood more or less granted her the same abilities that Hulk apparently has. 


  • Tatiana Maslany is casted  as Jennifer Walters / She Hulk


  • It will comprise of total nine episodes
  • Besides that, the show would conclude on October 13.


  • The filming started in the mid of the month of April 2021 in Los Angeles and Atlanta, Georgia and ended in the mid of the month of August. 

She Hulk: Attorney at Law: Is She Gay?

There has been no official announcement about the sexuality of the said character. So, we can not surly say that the character of She Hulk is gay or not. But as far as the teaser trailer and comics concern, it is more likely that the character of She Hulk is not gay. Seeing that in the teaser trailer we see a glimpse of her going on dates with countless guys. Besides that, we also see her sleeping around with one of them.

She Hulk: Attorney at Law: Is She Gay?
She Hulk: Attorney at Law: Is She Gay?

Overall, she is just a simple female superhero who wants to have a normal life:

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  • She loves dressing up
  • She is not afraid to empower her female norms.
  • She considers her femininity, her strength and not a weakness.
  • She wants to fool around and party all night long.
  • She is the symbol of women empowerment.

She Hulk: Attorney at Law: Inspired By Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People?

Before even the release of the upcoming series, there were numerous rumours circulating around the sexuality of Jennifer Walters AKA She Hulk. People are talking about how She Hulk would most probably be gay or perhaps even could be a transgender women. But the main question that arises here is where are these assumptions coming from and that too all of sudden. When the show has not even aired? 

Well, I have the answer to your question. Seeing that the rumours were actually the result of an interview. Yes, you have heard that quite right. The actor, Tatiana Maslany, who plays the future She Hulk shared in an recent interview with Empire that her inspiration to play this role was a transgender woman. Her name was Sophie. She was an transgender artist who apparently died last year but did leave a great impact on the actor. As she told them that she would “always come to her” and that what he cherished about her was her vibe. Considering that her music “is this combo of organic and electrical, industrial-type sounds that felt connected to She-Hulk.”

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Clearly, the show “She Hulk: Attorney at Law” is all about woman empowerment and how it allows you to just be yourself. Seeing that it teaches us a lesson to be comfortable in our skin. Which, more or less, Sophie unknowingly taught Tatiana Maslany to be too.

Thus, the actress did her best to bring the said essence in her role.

Is She-Hulk Gay Or Not: DivIded Consensus!

The internet is going crazy with its assumptions about the show and the leading lady’s sexuality. Fans are at apparently uproar and are literally on each other necks on this debate:

  • Some fans are really happy that the show might portray gay characters and support the LGBT community. 
  • While, on the other hand, others do not think that the character is gay and are also pretty sure of it
  • One reason being that it would probably deviate from the comics if they make the character of She-Hulk gay.
  • Besides that, people are assuming that she would be gay for all the wrong reasons; mainly because of her manly appearance on the show as a She-Hulk
  • Which, the fans think, is quite wrong. Considering the fact that just because a woman is muscular does not automatically make her gay, bi-sexual or trangender.

These factors are constantly being pointed out by the fans and the debate keeps on going on because of.

However, we can not say anything in this regard right now. Until and unless, there is a confirmation from the stewards of this franchise.


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