Is Nia Long Married?

Nia Long has always been vocal about her views on marriage. For her, it seems like a contract where one person owns the other, which does not make sense. Although she understands the magical fairytale concept, she does not think she needs to be married to believe that her partnership is successful. Has the famous NCIS: Los Angeles star’s views changed on marriage? Is Nia Long married to anyone currently? Keep on reading to find out. 

Is Nia Long Married?

Nia Long is in a severe relationship with Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka. The two have been committed since 2010, when a mutual friend introduced the two. After a year of dating, the two got pregnant and had their first child, Kez Udoka. 

Is Nia Long Married?
Is Nia Long Married?

After five years of a happy relationship, Nia and Ime got engaged. They are still involved, and we don’t know about their future marriage plans. Will the two even get married? Or will they decide to stay engaged for the rest of their life? We are still waiting for the couple to address these questions. 

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Nia Long’s Relationship Scandal 

Unfortunately, Nia and Ime’s engagement is going strong. Her fiance has cheated on her with a female team staff member! 

On Thursday, the Celtics suspended Ime for the remaining NBA season because of the coach’s inappropriate relationship with a staff member. He violated multiple team policies by indulging in the relationship. 

Ime has apologized for his affair with the staffer. He apologized to the team and his family for letting them down. Moreover, he also added that he accepts the team’s decision and won’t comment on the topic anymore. 

As for Nia Long, she has asked for privacy. The star appreciated the love and support coming from her fans and currently plans on focusing on her children while trying to comprehend the situation. 

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Fans have been very vocal with their support for Nia. Even Oscar-winning producer Van Lathan Jr. tweeted his support for her! 

As of now, the engagement is still on! Neither Nia nor Ime revealed information about their current plans about their relationship.

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