Who Is Austen Kroll Dating From Southern Charm?

When we thought that Austen Kroll will be laying low this season after being engulfed in so many controversies previously, what we hear is that the entrepreneur, Austin Kroll dating someone again? Will it work for him this time, or will it end up in a mess again?

Is it really a reality show in the world with no drama, scandals, alleged hook ups and love triangles? Well, there clearly is not one that I know of, that does not prioritize such peculiarities or how else these reality shows will still be thriving if there was not even a little bit of spice here and there, right? Like or not, that said spice also results in many controversies. Seeing that such shows chronicle every detail of the daily life of the cast members and sometimes one ends up doing controversial things under the intense gaze of the camera. 

With that said, one of those people apparently happens to be none other than Austen Kroll, who has become controversial because of his confusing dating journey in these shows. Since he has been switching girlfriends in each reality show, has been till now. So, this might make you think that who is Austen Kroll dating from Southern Charm (the new reality show he has been in for some time now)?

Curious to know more? Do not worry! We have compiled all the information that you need to know about the girl Austin Kroll is dating this time around.

Austen Kroll Dating Olivia Flowers From Southern Charm?

Who would have thought that the thirty-five years old would find love with the new addition to the show? Yes, folks. The TV reality star, Austin Kroll dating the lovely Olivia Flowers now. Apparently, they did find love in the show and their relationship is currently going quite strong as compared to everyone’s expectations. 

Austen Kroll Dating Olivia Flowers From Southern Charm?
Austen Kroll Dating Olivia Flowers From Southern Charm?

Here is a brief overview of their relationship timeline:

  • The couple’s dating rumours began to surface on the internet in late 2021.
  • It was around the time when they were busy filming for the Bravo series, and during the shooting of the eighth season, they appeared to be pretty close with each other.
  • More fuel was added to the ever-growing speculations about the current status of their relationship when they were seen going on numerous double dates and group dates with Taylor Ann Green and her then boyfriend, Shep Rose.
  • Yet, it was not till May 2022, when the Kings Calling Brewing founder confirmed the rumour and shared that he is indeed a taken man now.
  • He told US Weekly that he is very “excited” for the fans to see their newfound relationship blossom on the Season 8 of Southern Charm.
  • Further shedding light on the dynamics of his relationship with his new girlfriend that he has “known her now for a year and a half” and the fans “will certainly see where it begins, then how it ends.”

Although many thought that they would not survive as there were “certainly some ebb and flows” in their relationship since they were linked together but, apparently, with the passage of time they are proving others wrong.

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Fans Warned Olivia Flowers About Austen Kroll Controversial Past?

Even though the duo seem to be quite blessed and over the moon since their union, it is still a known fact that his behaviour in the shows like “Summer House” and “Winter House” was very controversial. Which, more or less, does not make him the best choice to have as a boyfriend or a life partner. Seeing that:

  • He slept with co-stars Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller and that too in the same weekend – featuring in a love triangle in Winter House where he played with both the ladies’ hearts.
  • While his fling with Ciara Miller went on till Summer House and also ended badly.
  • He got involved in another scandal as he was seemingly found in a compromising position after having an alleged threesome.
  • At that time, he was also in a relationship with his then girlfriend, Madison LeCroy (who was also the one who caught him red handed) – which means that he cheated on his girlfriend too.
  • However, Austen Kroll did defend his innocence but it could not fool his ex-girlfriend and the fans of the show as there is a whole video of their confrontation on the internet which says otherwise.
  • Not only that, he has also been involved in another love triangle between Chelsea and his other ex Victoria in Southern Charm as well.

Considering how many times (is it safe to say the womaniser?) has been a part of romantic drama, it does not come as a surprise that Olivia Flowers’ fans were worried about her, once they heard that the newcomer is Austen Kroll’s next target.

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The thirty years old television reality star happens to tell Page Six that:

“After ‘Winter House’ and ‘Summer House,’ people were like, ‘oh, really? Run!’” 

But, surprisingly enough, it does not affect her in the very least. As she “didn’t want to make any kind of judgement calls” on his past actions that “didn’t have anything to do with [her].”

Further highlighting that:

  • It was coming from people, who “didn’t know him” and “no one in his close-knit group said anything like that to [her].” 
  • So, basically, it was just “the strangers watching the shows, like coming in and telling me to be careful, which I appreciate.”

Thus, even though her “ear [was] full of opinions from people,” she did not let “pre-existing drama sway” her to ruin their relationship.

Ex Girlfriend Madison Lecroy’s Views About Austen Kroll Dating Olivia Flowers?

Even though we see the businessman gushing over his new girlfriend all the time and Olivia Flowers not letting his past come in between the two of them to save their blossoming relationship. To our much surprise, Austen Kroll’s ex Madison LeCroy advises his new girlfriend to be on guard as he is “just not husband material,” let alone “boyfriend material.”

Clearly spending a lot of time with her ex and having firsthand experience of what kind of person he is, she exclusively told E! News that Austin’s actions say more than enough about his real personality. 

Ex Girlfriend Madison Lecroy's Views About Austen Kroll Dating Olivia Flowers?
Ex Girlfriend Madison Lecroy’s Views About Austen Kroll Dating Olivia Flowers?

Hinting towards Olivia Flowers that she “should probably watch to see what she’s getting” as we have seen his true colors on “Winter [House] and Summer House.”

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So, basically she meant to say that Austin Kroll dating Oliver Flowers, will be disdisadvantageous for her and her only. As he is the personification of a red flag.

Well, whether he genuinely have feelings for her or not, lets all hope that these two keep going strong. Since Austin Kroll dating her now, he should start being responsible as a boyfriend and learn from his mistakes.

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