Is Hannibal Season 4 Confirmed?

When Hannibal debuted years ago, it established itself as a unique show. However, sadly the show was met with an unfortunate end. After the third season, the streaming site dropped the show. It was shocking news for the fandom because the streaming site still didn’t do anything despite such vital feedback and support from the cast and crew. However, news recently surfaced on the web about the potential Hannibal Season 4. So, is Hannibal Season 4 happening?

NBC dropped the show quite some time ago, in 2015. So, its renewal really will be one for the history books. But looking at its hype, a 4th season will benefit whoever gives the show space. Even the leads are in favour of the 4th season happening. Most of the situation is going as per the fans’ needs. 

Is Hannibal season 4 confirmed?

Bryan Fuller, who created the show, has spoken highly of the series. He intends to continue with the story because of support from the leads. However, Fuller has not revealed whether the 4th season will return for sure or not. So, of course, there is no release date for it. Moreover, we might not get future content in the form of a 4th season. It can be a spin-off or, who knows, even a movie! But at the end of the day, what matters is that we will get something related to Hannibal. 

Is Hannibal season 4 confirmed?
Is Hannibal season 4 confirmed?

Fuller also supported a fan-made petition which asked for justice for the show. The petition, in clear words, demanded the 4th season. Because the show had enough potential to continue. Fuller did not hesitate to retweet it from his personal Twitter account. 

So, even though the fandom is enthusiastic, why are we not getting the 4th season? There are logical reasons for this! First, by the time the show reached its third season, it had lost its essence. It was not getting the support it received when it debuted. Secondly, there were some legal issues as well. According to insiders, Fuller does not have the full permission of Thomas Harris to develop the show based on his novels. So, if any streaming site decides to back up the show, it can get a bit messy.

Who is in the cast of Hannibal season 4?

The Hannibal fans should be lucky that the cast is eager to make a comeback. Because in general cases, when a show gets dropped, the cast is quite hesitant to return to its revival projects. But thankfully, this isn’t the case here. 

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Nothing has been made official yet. But if Hannibal Season 4 happens, we can see Mikkelson and Dancy returning as the show’s main characters. The hype is only alive because of them. So, it makes sense that the renewal will not exist without them. Other core cast members also have a high chance of returning. And we can also expect a few new characters to join the team.

Who is in the cast of Hannibal season 4?
Who is in the cast of Hannibal season 4?

But all of this is only possible if the team approves to continue! 

Is there a trailer for Hannibal Season 4?

There is no trailer for the 4th season so far! We don’t have any promotional footage, as NBC dropped the show before the 4th season’s production began. This is the main reason we can’t predict anything about the plot. 

However, we are lucky enough that Fuller supports the show’s future. In an interview, he revealed the eagerness of the main leads to return to the show. And he also talked about the importance that the season could hold. If a 4th season happens, it will not solely focus on Hannibal and Will! Of course, they’ll get their deserved screen time as the main characters. However, the story will also emphasize the two other main characters, Katharine and Caroline. Who also played a significant role in the fame of the show. 

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It seems like a rough idea of the future of the show. But all they need is a good backup. For now, that was everything you needed to know about Hannibal Season 4. We’ll try our best to add to this site in case of any new information. So, make sure that you bookmark it! 


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