Is Frozen 3 Coming Out In 2023?

Fans cannot contain their excitement regarding another sequel to the hit series: Frozen 3. This is especially so after the release of the charting movie Frozen 2. Ever since the release of Frozen 2 in 2019, there have been constant speculations from not just fans but even locals. They wonder whether Elsa and Anna and their mind-blowing chemistry will return to their screens. They cannot wait for them to come back with a new plot and new adventure, and rightfully so! With Frozen II engrossing around 1.4 billion, producing a third movie for the Frozen series would be a good incentive. It will be an extremely lucrative deal for the Disney Company.

Frozen 3 Release Date: When Should We Expect it?

There are many speculations about the release date of Frozen 3. However, there is no confirmation from Disney or the directors themselves regarding this matter. The directors of the previous Frozen, Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, too have been busy with their recent direction of the new meta Disney movie Wish, which will be released in 2023. Once this movie has made its debut, only then can we hear the duo’s thoughts on a third movie for the Frozen series, and only when they complete that movie can they get to producing Frozen 3.

Frozen 3 Release Date: When Should We Expect it?
Frozen 3 Release Date: When Should We Expect it?

Due to this, there is very little chance of a Frozen movie releasing in 2023. Animation movies also take a lot of time, as seen in a documentary released showing the production stage. It was called “Into The Unknown ” and showed the behind-the-scenes for Frozen 2. A predicted date for Frozen III would be around 2025, as some say because the difference between the first two Frozen movies was of 6 years, and they believe it will be the same this time too. This means that there is still a long time of waiting before we get the actual movie.

Hopefully, Disney will announce a statement confirming the renewal status of the series once the movie Wish releases. There are chances of it not being renewed because the second movie felt like the end of the series and the completion of the stories of the two sisters. Furthermore, the producers claimed that the two movies together would tell “one complete story.” This means that for the third movie of the series, the writers would have to create some kind of conflict for the story to evolve later, and it could result in an unnecessary sequel, bringing in a lot of criticism.

Do We Have Frozen 3 Official Announcement?

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Frozen III Plot Speculations And How Frozen 2 Ended (Spoiler Alert!)

Anna and Elsa take a trip to the enchanted forest outside of Arendelle to discover a mysterious voice that has been calling Elsa and to prevent the enchanted spirits from destroying Arendelle.

It turns out that there was a conflict in the past between Arendelle soldiers and the people of Northuldra who lived in the forest, which ultimately led to the forest being isolated from the rest of the world.

Frozen III Plot Speculations And How Frozen 2 Ended (Spoiler Alert!)
Frozen III Plot Speculations And How Frozen 2 Ended (Spoiler Alert!)

In short, they discover that their parents got shipwrecked on their way to Ahtohallan to discover the source of Elsa’s power. Anna and Elsa discover their ship in the enchanted forest and learn that their mother’s name is Northuldran.

Furthermore, their grandfather was responsible for the dispute and constructed a dam in the forest to weaken the Northuldran people. Anna realizes she must break the dam to free the forest to be able to right past wrongs.

While in Ahtohallan in search of the voice, Elsa freezes just as Anna breaks the dam. The voice ultimately turned out to be a legacy of her mother. Elsa becomes the “fifth spirit,” the link between the magical and human worlds, but as we all know, a bridge has two sides, one of which is Anna.

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Elsa continues to remain in the forest while Anna ascends to the throne of Arendelle. This ensures that the two empires live happily ever after.

Frozen 3 Cast

There is no doubt that if Disney returns with a third movie for the series, the main characters will be Anna and Elsa. It is also not in question whether Kristoff (and Sven) and Olaf will return to our screens or not. The reason is that these characters are the foundation of the series and are extremely loved by the fans. Even the voice actors of these characters have expressed their willingness to continue voicing these characters. They would lend their voice if asked to for a sequel. The parents of the two sisters might also feature, and we might see them again.

Frozen 3 Cast
Frozen 3 Cast

However, because there is no news on the sequel, it is really hard to make any predictions. Especially about which characters will return and who will be a new addition.

Frozen III Trailer

For now, no trailer has been released for the movie Frozen III. However, this does not mean there cannot be one in the future!

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