How to Tell If a Writing Company Is Legit

Even though the demand for online writers has increased over the year, so has fraudulent ones. As a student, you don’t want to end up in the hands of a deceitful writing company as you can get plagiarized papers, or worse, your personal and financial details get in the hands of identity thieves.

Dealing with such business results in a wastage of time and money. It might also cost you a good grade. To avoid any unpleasantness, it’s essential to check out the firm before agreeing to pay for its services. Here’s how to quickly determine whether a writing service is legit.


Did you know that 95% of consumers will check out online reviews and use the information to decide whether to purchase a product or service? When presented with so many options, making the right decision can be difficult. But a review can help make the decision-making process easy. Reviews tell buyers which sites are trustworthy and which ones to avoid. To determine credibility, people would go as far as reading not less than four reviews.

So if you want more insight about a writing company and how they treat their customers? Read online reviews. While testimonials can point a student to the right person, some firms post fake ones as a strategy to attract more clients. This can be detrimental to your decision-making process.

The trick to ensuring you are not reading fake reviews is to concentrate only on those written by verified buyers. It’s best to avoid those from anonymous people. It’s more important to reviews if you want writing help from an unknown site or new firm.

Read online reviews
Read online reviews

Check Writing Samples

Reading reviews is part of attesting to the company’s credibility and reliability. However, a student must read samples to determine content quality. An academic paper written by a professional will be devoid of errors. Read our guide on What is Essay Writing and How Can you Write a Perfect Essay?

Instead, it will have a clear, logical argument and scholarly sources formatted appropriately. Legit custom essay writing services will structure essays as per the current academic standards. If you don’t ask for samples, you won’t be able to gauge the writing skill or knowledge of the writer.

To do a thorough job, look at samples related to your course as it ensures you have background knowledge on most topics that the writer has written about. Hence, you can detect if the paper was written by a subject expert or someone with general knowledge. To get the academic paper you want, use education level, citation style, number of sources, and total pages as separating criteria. 

Check Guarantees

Writing companies use guarantees such as fast delivery to lure customers. Students should not be fast in believing such promises because some writers are not true to their words. A refund is a topmost guarantee you can use to ensure you don’t lose your money. The money-back-guarantee comes in handy when the writer fails to meet the deadline or compose a substandard paper.

In most cases, if the essay is plagiarized or the writer refuses to do the revision, a legit writing company will give a refund. Take a step further and review the terms and conditions because some sites will only reimburse a client if only they send their complaints within a specific time.

For instance, you may be eligible for a refund if you send your complaints within a week after receiving the essay. Some companies offer a partial refund instead of the full amount. So ensure the writing company you want to choose will allow you to request a refund if the essay is of low quality even after several revisions. Read our guide on How to Create an Original and Plagiarism Free Content

Check Guarantees
Check Guarantees

Browse the Website

Several things can point out whether the writing service is legit or not. For starters, if the content presented on the homepage has several grammar mistakes, it indicates the quality to expect. If you notice poor English and the company claims to hire native English speakers, they could have incompetent writers. You can read our guide on How to Structure a 2500 Words Essay Easily in 7 Steps.

Investigate further and verify the contact details. If they have given a phone number, call it and see how the customer support communicates. Are they friendly? Do they answer your question correctly or beat you around the bush? If they have social platforms are they active? It’s a red flag when you can’t contact the writing firm online or offline.

Check Mode of Payment

This is a crucial factor that can help you determine whether a writing service is legit or fraudulent. Secure modes of payment work to protect a student’s details from being accessed by an unwanted party. It’s a red flag if the site mostly accepts cash or uses unsecure modes of payment.

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Marie Foster
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