“Activate TracFone” Immediately – Know Why!

Activating carrier-locked TracFone or newly bought phones is an effortless task to do if you know the necessary details to verify your account. In case you forgot your account details then it is still possible to complete the activation process, but it will take time. To information required to activate Tracfone is as follow.

  • Your TracFone’s Phone Number.
  • IMEI/MEID/serial number.
  • zip or postal code of your area.

What is Tracfone?

TracFone Wireless, Inc. is an American company that provide mobile phones without contract. It is a sub-brand of the largest Mexican telecommunications company, América Móvil. In the United States, it works as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) with the largest wireless network giants including Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile US, Sprint Corporation, and U.S. Cellular. As per the available official data, in 2015, TracFone had 25.668 million subscribers all over the USA.

Activate TracFone

Why Should You Activate TracFone?

Activating TracFone allows you to try the best in class services offered by the wireless network providing companies. The locked phones make you slave of the operator because a locked phone doesn’t allow to switch to any other carrier. When you activate your phone, you are free to choose a different operator as many times as you want.

Let’s read further and know how to activate TracFone, and later we will discuss what problems users face after activation (But it only happen in rare cases).

How to Activate TracFone Phones?

To activate the TracFone mobile phone, you just need to follow some simple steps. If you have already used MetroPCS phones and activated a MetroPCS phone earlier then activating TracFone will be like putting butter on bread.

Must check these things before starting the TracFone activation process.

  • Check if your device is has a stable internet connection.
  • Sufficient battery to complete the activation process. We recommend you to keep your phone fully charged before starting the activation process.
  • IMEI/MEID/serial number. (you can always find the IMEI number printed under the removable battery. If somehow, your phone doesn’t have a removable battery then you can find IMEI under the setting–general–about phone menu.

Steps to Activate Tracfone

  • First of all, you need to purchase a device from TracFone. After getting your device delivered, go to the official website of TracFone and click activate. It is the third option in the blue bar, which is placed just below their logo.
  • Now Click I have a TracFone mobile/phone.
  • Now you’ll be asked to enter the essential details such as IMEI/MEID/serial number. Provide these details to proceed to the next step.
  • Review and accept the terms. You can also check the rules mentioned in the terms & conditions. To do this, just click on the terms and conditions link. After going through all the T&C check the box next to “Do you accept Tracfone’s Terms & Conditions?” if you agree and click proceed.
  • Now enter the zip code or postal code of your area. (Zip code needed to tell Tracfone in which city or country you want to activate your services.)
  • Select a plan as per your requirements and click continue. (You will be able to see plan description on next page. If you have also added a Tracfone SIM card in your cart, then you’ll be charged $0.99 excluding tax and shipping charges in addition to the price of the plan.)
  • Now select a payment method of your choice and make the payment for your cart items. If you have already purchased an Airtime Service Plan, enter the PIN. If not, then you’ll be redirected to select a plan and make payment. To complete the process, follow all the on-screen instructions and create your account, enter payment credentials, and supply the requested personal user details.
  • To complete the activation process continues following the on-screen instructions. The remaining steps of the activation process may vary depending on your phone, plan and some other factors.
Activate TracFone

Special Notes

If you are trying to port your phone number from another provider, then you also need to provide your account number and PIN for that service.
If you already own a TracFone SIM card, then you can start using the card instantly as soon as you pay and activate your plan.

How to Activate TracFone By Using Bring Your Own Device?

As the name suggests, this option allows you to bring your old phone to TracFone wireless services. In this method, you don’t need to purchase a new phone. Just remember that your phone must be compatible with the latest 4G LTE network frequencies to work properly.

#Must Notice
GSM phones aren’t compatible with TracFone.
T-Mobile phones must operate on Band II, IV, or Band 12 (only in some areas) to use TracFone’s 4G LTE network.

Steps to Activate Through Bring Your Own Device option

  • Scroll down and find out the option “Keep Your Own Phone”.
  • Click on the carrier tab to select your current operator. Somehow, if you have forgotten the name of your current operator, then you can find the name printed on the handset. If there is no brand logo on the phone, then check the SIM card which you have on that phone.
  • For instance, if your current operator is T-Mobile, then select T-Mobile and click continue.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions.

1st Condition:- If you have selected T-Mobile or AT&T.

Activate Tracfone

#Here we assume that you own a Tracfone SIM card.

  • Click on the option “Yes, I already have one” and enter the number printed on the SIM card into the blank, then click continue. If you don’t have any TracFone SIM card then enter your area zip code/ postal code into the blank just below the “I NEED TO PURCHASE ONE,” then click on Buy A new SIM card.

2nd Condition:- If you have selected Verizon services, then enter your phone’s IMEI number into the available blank space and click continue.

Quick Tip:- You can find the IMEI/serial number by dial *#06# on your phone, and the IMEI number or serial number will flash on your screen.

  • Now select a plan of your choice and hit continue button. The plan description will be available on the next page. If you have also added a Tracfone SIM card in your cart, then you’ll be charged $0.99 excluding tax and shipping charges in addition to the price of the plan.
  • If you have any TracFone account then you will be asked to create an account and to complete the purchase enter your payment information like your bank details, credit card credentials, and also provide some personal data during this process. After entering all the details, click continue.
  • To complete the activation process continues following the on-screen instructions. The remaining steps of the activation process may vary depending on your phone, plan and some other factors.

TracFone Self Activation

After purchasing a new handset, you will be instantly able to get online staff support. Any old or new Tracfone customer can get in touch with the support staff at 800-867-7183.

  • From the options available in header, Select “Activate”.
  • Now Select “I have a Tracfone phone”.
  • Enter the phone’s IMEI/MEID/Serial Number. (You can always find the IMEI number printed under the removable battery.)
  • Review and accept Tracfone’s Terms & Conditions.

Don’t stop following the on-screen instructions. We can’t mention all the instructions here because each phone has it’s own settings and specific function that should be followed to complete the self-activation process.

Quick Answer:- All of your contacts and remaining minutes will be transferred to your new phone after completing the activation process. But if you are switching from a smartphone to a basic phone, you will not be eligible to transfer any remaining minutes of your card.

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