How to Activate MetroPCS Phones?

Having a locked MetroPCS phone is such a stressful situation. In this situation, we often get a thought, How to unlock MetroPCS Phones? will be unlocked, or will it work again like it was working earlier? Is my data Safe and many other similar questions. In this stressful situation, the contemptible persons make quick decisions and grab a new MetroPCS phone. But instantly after grabbing a new handset again, they put themselves at another hard spot. With a very extreme level of frustration, a new question haunts them, How to Activate MetroPCS phones?

After picking up a new MetroPCS phone, you obviously want to activate it asap. Actually, activating the handset isn’t a tough task to perform neither you need any special knowledge, but the main question is where and how to start?

Actually, the whole process for activating a MetroPCS phone isn’t a very tough task to perform. Any metro phone user can do it fairly quickly. If I tell you in simple words, then you just need to insert a SIM card in the SIM tray and push the tray back in the handset. Now pick a phone plan and call customer service to activate your MetroPCS phone. Here’s how to do it! But how to do it properly without making any steps?

Let’s read further and find out How to activate MetroPCS phones.

How to Activate MetroPCS Phones?
How to Gather Your Important Information?
How to Find Your Serial Numbers to Activate MetroPCS Phones?
Several Ways to Find the Serial Number of Your Metro Phone.
How to Activate MetroPCS Phones with SIM Card?
How to Choose a Plan for MetroPCS Phones?
Manual Methods to Activate MetroPCS Phones.
How to Activate MetroPCS Phones with Customer care?
How to Activate MetroPCS Phones for Free at Home?
How to Activate MetroPCS Phones Easily from Official Website?

How to Activate MetroPCS Phones?

Gather Your Important Information

Before starting the activation process make sure that all the necessary information needed to activate the phone is in your hand or you can access the stored information.

The information which you need to complete the process includes a new phone and SIM card along with some basic information such as name, address, and account PIN.

If somehow you don’t have a new or working SIM card (if you are bringing a phone you already own to MetroPCS) then you also have the option to order a new SIM card from MetroPCS directly or you can also pick one up in a retail store.

How to Find Your Serial Number to Activate MetroPCS Phones

If you want your Metro phone to perform each function on MetroPCS then you’ll need to provide serial numbers for both your new SIM card as well as your new phone.

Ways to find Serial Numbers to activate MetroPCS phones

The SIM card serial number can be found on the packaging envelope but if you have lost the packaging then still you can find it printed on the SIM card.

For phones, there are several ways to find the serial number of your phone.

  • You can find it underneath the MetroPCS phone’s battery (only if the battery is accessible).
  • It is also printed on the retail box.

Special Note:- In case if you aren’t able to find the Serial number of your Metro phone, then try finding IMEI number as serial numbers are also known as IMEI number in mobile phones.

Activate MetroPCS Phones with SIM Card

To continue the activation process, insert the SIM card in your MetroPCS phone and start following the on screen-specific instructions. As a precaution always remember that all mobile models vary when it comes to putting in a SIM card. If somehow you don’t know how to insert or put SIM card on SIM tray then you can find some results on Google and YouTube to do so if you are really unaware of it.

Choose a Plan as Per your Needs

Now head to MetroPCS official website and search for all the available tariff/plans for your phone. There are some tabs that classified the plans as basic and inexpensive plans up to pricer, unlimited plans. After going through all the available plans, just choose a plan that suits your pocket and your requirements.

Special Note:- Always remember that there are no restrictions. You can change your metro plan as much as you want.

Activate MetroPCS Phones: The Final Step

In this final step to activate MetroPCS phones, is to either visit the online activation page at MetroPCS or to directly call customer support and speak to an activation specialist with all your account information which you’ve gathered you’ll be able to provide the SIM number, IMEI, chosen plan along with other necessary information.

After finalizing and confirming all the information provided by you, You’ll also be asked to make your first month’s payment at the time of activation.

Manual Methods to Activate MetroPCS Phones

Option 1

Grab any other phone and dial 1-888-8-Metro-8 from a phone other than the one you wish to activate. Once you get in touch with an agent, he/she will ask you for some details to prove your authenticity. Once your authenticity is proved then you need to provide him/her your name, address, and the ESN or MEID number which you can easily find underneath the MetroPCS phone’s battery. 

After completing the required information, the connected agent will guide you through reactivating and programming your deactivated phone.

Option 2

If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home then you may try this option. Grab your MetroPCS phone and dial *228″ from the phone you’re trying to activate. After that provide an eight-digit code of your choosing, then enter your name and address when prompted by the system to activate the phone. The phone will be programmed for you to complete the process and it will help you further to an account set up.

Special Note:- These activation steps won’t work if your handset is reactivated by BlackBerry or another smartphone.

Option 3

If you are a geeky person, then you can easily activate your Metro phone by visiting the official website of MetroPCS. On the homepage find the activate button then follow the steps which you see on your screen and provide your name, address, security information, and information about the handset such as serial number/IMEI number which you easily find underneath the MetroPCS phone’s battery.

Special Note:- These online instructions are only available within the setup to find the phone’s information.


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