TracFone is in huge demand, lately- Know why?

During the epidemic, a sudden surge in demand for “Tracfone no contract phones” has been noticed by the market experts. Behind this drastic increment in need of Tracfone handsets, COVID-19 may be the reason. Because in this pandemic, most of the population is facing lockdown along with their family members or spending time in quarantine. So, it may be a reason that most people are using their phones for calling purposes to kill time, and unknowingly, they talk endlessly without knowing about the cap limit.

Due to the unknown capping limit, many of us are facing several issues like extra amount charged in the bill, call disconnected because calling minutes are over, no proper phone support or need to add or refill balance is SIM card frequently because of the high calling rates. Due to these problems, Tracfone prepaid phones are in trend as they offer excellent services with cheap prepaid plans.

What is Tracfone?

TracFone Wireless, Inc. is an American company that provide mobile phones without contract. It is a sub-brand of the largest Mexican telecommunications company, América Móvil. In the United States, it works as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) with the largest wireless network giants including Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile US, Sprint Corporation, and U.S. Cellular. As per the available official data, in 2015, TracFone had 25.668 million subscribers all over the USA.

TracFone Services and Plans

Earlier, the services of Tracfone was just limited to their own Tracfone phones only. Because earlier they were offering only locked handsets by using an onboard SIM card feature. While the GSM Tracfone handsets were unlocked from another carrier. As a result, the handsets were not able to detect a TracFone SIM card because they were bound to a specific handset.

However, in 2013 Tracfone introduced “Bring Your Own Handsets” plan to enabled the customers to use Tracfone SIM cards in their qualifying non-TracFone phones such as Verizon CDMA mobiles. In 2015, the company extended this program to compatible GSM unlocked mobile phones and also renamed the program to “Bring Your Own Device”.

The wireless network provider company Tracfone offer tariff plans in three categories, Basic Phone Plan, Smartphones Plans and Calling outside the U.S. Let’s read and find which benefits these plans provide and which is more economical.

Tracfone Basic Phone Plans

This plan covers all non-Android smartphones. In these phones, they have labelled user accounts in units. Whenever a user receive or make any call every minute of a call duration is considered as 1.0 unit. In this plan messaging (sending and receiving) is calculated as a fraction of a call minute typically sending or receiving a text is charged by 0.3 units but in some models, it goes high as 0.5 units.

In earlier Tracfone handsets one-minute internet browsing cost was 2.0 units for roaming outside the user’s home phone area. But now the new phones are not bound to these location restrictions all over in the United States. Moreover, the cost of browsing the internet is also reduced to 0.5 from 2.0 units per minute.

They offer a separate tariff for basic Android Tracfone phones. These plans include calling minutes, messages, and internet data. A Tracfone service card includes 60 minutes for call along with another 60 phone minutes, 60 texts messages, and 60 megabytes for internet usage.

Under a unique scheme, some old basic phones are promised to receive “triple minutes for life” under which the same 60-minute card offer 180 minutes for calling, 180 texts messages, and 180 megabytes as internet browsing data. But the service days mentioned on the card do not triple.

The triple minutes for life scheme is not applicable for new Tracfone phones but honours the promise on any phone for which it was given. All the new TracFone SIM cards do not triple any benefit. All these come up with only minutes, only texts and only megabytes without expanding other features of the service.

Smartphones Plans

Since 2015, the company has offered several tariffs for smartphone subscribers. The current schemes for smartphone offer various talk, text and data tariffs. Current plans smartphone plan start at $15 for 500 calling minutes, 500 messages and 500 megabytes of data.

Time to time the Mexican telecommunications company disclose several promo codes which adds some additional units to their card by entering a unique promo code while redeeming a service card.

Calling outside the U.S.

The subscribers get many options to make outgoing calls outside the USA. In the countries where mobile phones are not in reach, any TracFone customer is allowed to call on an appointed toll-free number and follow pre-recorded instructions to initiate calls to over almost fifty countries over the globe.

Tracfone sells a 10$ Global Calling Card by which users can call mobile and landline number anywhere in the world. This card also allows customers to call in the countries not included in the Basic International Long Distance offer. The available balance on the card expires in 6 months of last use or 30 days after inactive service.

Customers can also obtain three local phone numbers in any of several Mexican cities. When someone calls on these numbers, the calls are automatically forwarded to the TracFone customer living in the United States.

By entering their phone number and serial number at, users can connect up to ten toll-free numbers that are appointed outside the USA. Whenever a customer dial any of those toll-free numbers, the Tracfone customer care team identifies the customer’s phone and connect the call to the designated number.

Apart from providing wireless network services in the USA, the company also deals with other brands such as they wireless for business. Moreover, the official website of TracFone is straightforward to access. Let’s read and find out.

TracFone Official Website Features

The official website is straightforward to access as they offer all the options in the header of the homepage. You can add top up or activate your phone directly from the options available on the homepage.

If you are looking to upgrade your phone, then they provide a lot of options from low to high range smartphone as Tracfone has something special for everyone.

They offer world-class support by providing 24*7 working call centres. If in any case, you need any help from the technical department of the store, then you can use their store finder option which is available in the upper right corner.

Moreover, they offer many deals to their customers which can be directly checked through the website by providing some necessary information. So, stop waiting and start exploring the new deal. If you get any best deal which anyone desires to get then do let us know in the comment section because we always love to hear from our readers.