EntertainmentHouse Of The Dragon Episode 8 Release Date & Time on Disney+

House Of The Dragon Episode 8 Release Date & Time on Disney+

Here’s everything that you need to know about House Of The Dragon Episode 8!

An American production- an entailment of a British Monarchical Plot, yes, House of the Dragon episode 8 of the season 2 is ready to air  on October 9, 2022.

“House of the Dragon,” a fantasy drama series by George R. R. Martin and Royan Condal for HBO, is based on “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels by Martin. Unlike a usual consensus about the motion plots, Martin and Condal, along with their writing team, can be hailed for a better adaptation of the HBO medieval series House of the Dragon”. For instance, Kaiya Shunyata (from rogerebert.com) writes in her article “House of the Dragon Breathes New Life into the World of Westeros”:

“”House of the Dragon” immediately breathes a new life into the world of ice and fire, proving that when done with care, adaptations of this rich world can still be enthralling.”

Alright, alright, what is next? Let’s scroll down to this floor! 

An Entailment of a British Monarchical Plot: House of the Dragon (Season 2)

Giving it a read or watching it, one may feel an entailment of a British monarchical plot in the power game of “House of the Dragon (season 2)”. Though it has been named an HBO medieval series, it triggers the sense of monarchical issues that holds British political history. 

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The politics make House of the Dragon more endearing for its screen success. Like the author, Kaiya Shunyata has already concluded while celebrating the writers Martin and Condayal that,

“… the clearest display of these new creators, … honouring the world of ice and fire is how “House of the Dragon” has gone back to what made “Games of Thrones” intriguing the politics.”

Flow with the Episodic Blow

“Driftmark”: Let’s Recall the Plot 7

Looking back into plot 7 for House of the Dragon, one may find oneself stuck into plots hidden in the main story. Like, a hidden and tempted reunion of Rhaenyra with Daemon (niece and uncle, yeah, yeah, quite illogical, especially when you are talking about these lords playing nonsense for their games of the throne).   

Plot 7 aired while unfolding the characters of House of the Dragon as more materialistic and out of their human frames. Revealing Prince Aemond with his greedy aim of having authority over Vhagar. Vhagar is the season 2 most powerful dragon whose owner Lady Laena has been dead in episode 7. 

Prince Aemond’s material aim set the plot on fire. With his momentary success over Vhagar, he soon got encounters from his ancestral lineage, the Targaryens. During the fight, Prince Aemond was gouged out of his eye by Lucery. Alicent, King Viserys, with her concerns with her son Aemond demands to gouge an eye of Lucery for a look.

Lastly, the plot shifts towards the end with another secret lurking in the storyline_ yes, entailing complications all around. Laenor, the husband of Rhaenyra and a father of her children, escapes the scenes, showing his death.

House of the Dragon Episode 8 “The Lord of the Tides”- 

Trailer- Generating Curiosity

 HBO has already released the trailer for “House of the Dragon” (season 2). 

 The trailer seems to create much more curiosity. Running with the flashes revealing certainties and uncertainties for the audience, it can be said that the House of the Dragon episode 8 will probably gain viewership or maintain the previous. 

House of the Dragon Episode 8 "The Lord of the Tides"- 
House of the Dragon Episode 8 “The Lord of the Tides”-

The trailer’s glimpses focus on its main casts, like old Rhaenyra (Emma D’ Arcy), Alicent (Olivia Cooke), the King Viserys I Targaryen, etc. What is more interesting is that a youtube channel, “Think Story,” cleverly tries to declassify the “plot 8” story while focusing on the dresses of Rhaenyra and Alicent. The channel points out how Rhaenyra’s dress has detailed dragon-like scales. This further triggers the mind of how  the House of the Dragon episode 8 plot will present the characters on fire with its further episodes. 

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Alice the Queen and her necklace, the channel “Think Story,” further proceeds with the thought that Alicent contrasts with Rhaenyra character in terms of being more religious.  

What Else is in the Trailer for House of the Dragon Episode 8

The trailer has more to reveal what has been concealed from the characters in the plot. Probably, there will be a traumatic or shocking return of Rhaenyra’s husband, Laenor. The King Viserys may die under the personal story by whom_? One can only assume, perhaps, the Queen! (hmmmm_ wait for the release of episode 8).

Release Date for the  of House of the Dragon Episode 8

The official date for episode 8 has already been announced. The franchise will release its enthralling new episode for the “House of the Dragon” on October 9, 2022.

Release Date for the  of House of the Dragon Episode 8
Release Date for the  of House of the Dragon Episode 8

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This release will possibly complicate the plot further. It will be of interest how the human fantasy will turn into what! 

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