God’s Favorite Idiot season 2 When Will It Release? Latest Updates 2022

The pilot season of God’s Favorite Idiot became available for streaming on Netflix on 15th June 2022. Even though the show dropped less than a week ago, fans have already started inquiring about the status of God’s Favorite Idiot season 2. Unfortunately for fans, not much information is available regarding the status of a sophomore season. The show is executively produced by Ben Falcone and taken under the banner of On The Day Productions. 

The unique storyline and the splendid star cast are what gathered a decent fan following for the show. The show has a 5.4 out of 10 rating on IMDb. While this rating is not as outstanding as others, the series has still not failed to entertain its viewers. 

God’s Favorite Idiot season 2 Cast

When it comes to the cast, we have everyone’s favorite married couple producing and starring in the show. As there is no official news regarding the status of season 2, we are currently unaware of its cast as well. However, based on the first season, it is safe to say that most of the leading cast members will reprise their roles for the follow-up season.

God's Favorite Idiot season 2 Cast
God’s Favorite Idiot season 2 Cast

Ben Falcone plays the role of Clark Thompson. Falcone is an American comedian, filmmaker, and actor. He made his directorial debut with Tammy in 2014 and is also seen in multiple movies, such as What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Enough Said.

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The series also stars Melissa McCarthy as Amily Luck, Clark Thompson’s girlfriend. McCarthy is an American actor, comedian, producer, writer, and fashion designer. The actress has become a household name in the comedy industry and has multiple accolades to her name including Primetime Emmy Awards. 

Further, we have Leslie Bib playing the role of Satan, the biblical demonic entity that is adamant about destroying the balance between good and evil. Bib has been a part of the industry since 1996 and has appeared in multiple movies and television shows. She has also had roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, being seen in the Iron Man franchise and also the phase 4 Marvel series named What If?

The rest of the cast consists of Kevin Dunn as Gene, Clark’s father, Yanic Truesdale as Chamuel, Ana Scotney as Wendy, Usman Ally as Mohsin Raza, Chris Sandiford as Tom, and finally Steve Mallory as Frisbee. 

God’s Favorite Idiot season 2 Release Date

As the pilot season dropped less than a week ago on Netflix, it currently seems quite premature to expect God’s Favorite Idiot season 2. Since there is no confirmation regarding the status of the second installment, there is obviously no information available regarding the release date either. 

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According to the production team, season 1 of God’s Favorite Idiot is supposed to be 16 episodes long. The first 8 episodes became available to stream on 15th June 2022 on Netflix. The following 8 episodes will release at a later date. This next set of episodes will drop as a part 2 to season 1 of the series. We expect the series to go back into production later in 2022 and release sometime in late spring or early summer of 2023. 

God's Favorite Idiot season 2 Release Date
God’s Favorite Idiot season 2 Release Date

Like most latest series these days, this apocalyptic comedy series seems to be following the same trend of dividing the season into 2 parts. Even though there is no official news regarding a second season, at least we are sure that a season 1 part 2 will be available at some point in the future. We just hope that that time comes soon. 


The basic plot of the show follows the life of Clark Thompson, a tech employee, who is hit by lightning. Thompson then comes to find out that he is one of God’s messengers and must help stop the apocalypse with assistance from his coworkers and girlfriend. 

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As part 1 of season 1 comes to an end, we see God asking Clark and Amily to run as God will need them again in the future. Clark tells his friends about the altered plan, that is, to escape with Amily. Unfortunately, Satan causes hindrance to their plans and strats wreaking havoc in a hospital. Thorp tries to stop the couple but lets them go after some convincing. 

In the hospital Mohsin and Wendy share a kiss, thinking that the world is about to end and Frisbee attempts to face off Satan. After some persuasion from Wendy, Satan returns back to hell. Tom uses a fake sword to stop the horseman. Unfortunately, this fake sword does not prove to be very helpful but does give Clark and Amily enough time to escape in their car. As the couple drives away, Amily finally confesses her love for Clark and everything seems like it is going to fall into place. Tragically, what the couple seems to be oblivious to is that a plague of locusts is following them.

There is no official storyline available for the second part but based on the 1st part’s ending we can predict what the upcoming episodes may have in store for us. The second part will bring new challenges and hindrances for Clark as symbolized by the plague of locusts. We expect to see what all God has planned for our hero. 


Currently, there is no trailer available for God’s Favorite Idiot season 2. This is because there is no confirmation regarding the new installments status. If there is to be a second season, we believe a trailer would become available about a month prior to the release of season 2. 

Renewal Status

As we have previously mentioned, the exact status of God’s Favorite Idiot season 2 is still unknown. Nonetheless, the show’s creators have not announced the show’s cancellation either, which means that there is a huge possibility for fans to expect a sophomore installment. 

For the time being, we can focus on the fact that season 1 part 2 is confirmed and will drop sometime next year. The exact status of the follow-up installment will only become evident after part 2 of season 1 becomes available. 



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