EntertainmentHightown Season 3 Cast, Release Date Revealed

Hightown Season 3 Cast, Release Date Revealed

Hightown is one of the most successful shows of Starz! But will the streaming site renew the series for one more season? A lot of intense drama went down in the second season of Hightown, and there is potential for Hightown Season 3 to happen. However, the decision is of Starz to make. Well, we can still speculate the chances of it happening. So, let’s begin.

Hightown Season 3 Cast

If Hightown Season 3 is to return, then expect the majority of the core cast members to return. And according to our predictions, expect the following to be there in the upcoming season:

  • Monica Raymund as Jackie Quinones
  • Rumi C. Jean Louis as Frankie Jr.
  • Imani Lewis as Charmaine
  • Tonya Glanz as Trooper Leslie Babcock
  • Dohn Norwood as Alan Saintille
  • James Badge Dale as Ray Abruzzo
  • Mike Pniewski as Ed Murphy
  • Riley Voelkel as Renee Shaw
  • Amaury Nolasco as Osito
Hightown Season 3 Cast
Hightown Season 3 Cast

And, of course, there can be additions of new characters as well. But these are just mere speculations at the moment, and we can’t be sure until Starz confirms their involvement in the third season.

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Hightown Season 3 Release Date

Hightown Season 3 does not have a confirmed release date yet because Starz never renewed it. However, this is nothing to fret about because the second season ended recently, so the streaming site must be taking its time in analyzing the data. Hopefully, we’ll know about the renewal soon.

Hightown Season 3 Release Date
Hightown Season 3 Release Date

The show has had pretty decent ratings as compared to other shows on the site, so a third season does not seem like a far-fetched idea. But anything can happen, so for now, it is better to keep our expectations low.

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Hightown Season 3 Plot

The second season of Hightown brought things to a very pivotal point. And the story can continue from here in several ways. As there is no plot synopsis for Hightown Season 3 yet, we have summarized all potential storylines below. But let it be known that we are not sure if the writers will take these ideas into account.

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Saintelle will not stop until he uncovers the secret behind Jorge’s death. This will make an integral part of the storyline. And he can go to any lengths to make this happen. The mystery about Frankie’s blackout will probably get solved too. Did he pass away, or was it just a part of his plan to get out of the prison and take revenge from Osito? Well, Osito definitely gained an enemy after putting Frankie in prison. And so he must expect a lot of trouble.

Hightown Season 3 Plot
Hightown Season 3 Plot

Renee did not come clean about her actions with Ray, and this will surely create problems because now they share a child together. And it seems like Renee also has a Plan B just in case things start going sideways. We get to see her recovering her run away bag. And deducing from this, we can expect a lot of drama unrolling in the upcoming season. But how will Ray react to finding out that Renee murdered Ray? Well, that is for the third season of Hightown to tell!

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There is no official trailer for Hightown Season 3 yet. This is because Starz is yet to announce its renewal news. However, you can stream the trailers made by fans on YouTube. They’ll be enough to quench your thirst for now!

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Unfortunately, this is all that we know about Season 3. Rest assured, if we get to know about any major updates regarding the third season of Hightown, we will update this site. So, stay tuned!

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