Netflix Unveils the Launch Date for ‘Alexander: The Making of a God’ Documentary

Netflix is back with another historical documentary showcasing the life of a legendary icon, ‘Alexander the Great, and his burning desire to conquer the world. So, prepare for “Alexander The Making of a God,” a groundbreaking retelling of the legendary Alexander the Great’s conquests in a new way, using contemporary accounts and fact-based archaeology. The advancing documentary is based on the ongoing excavations led by Greek archeologist Calliope Limneos-Papakosta in Alexandria, Egypt, a city that Alexander the Great founded himself.

Alexander The Making of a God: Release Date

The docuseries Alexander The Making of a God is scheduled to premiere on January 31, 2024. The trailer for the series was released on January 10, 2024.

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Cast and Crew

The trailer showcased the characters Alexander and King Darius, portrayed by actors Buck Braithwaite and Mido Hamada. It is a historical documentary that incorporates reenactments, scholarly insights, archaeological findings, and excavations in Egypt.

The T.V. series “Alexander The Making of a God” speculates on various aspects of Alexander’s private life, including his relationship with childhood friend Hephaestion (Will Stevens).

Alexander The Making of a God
Netflix Unveils the Launch Date for ‘Alexander: The Making of a God’ Documentary

The cast consists of:

  • Buck Braithwaite as Alexander the Great
  • Mido Hamada as King Darius
  • Nada El Belkasmi as Barsine
  • Steven Hartley as General Memnon
  • Jadran Malkovich as General Parmenion
  • Waleed Elgadi as Bessus
  • Kosha Engler as Olympias
  • James Oliver Wheatley as Attalus
  • Dino Kelly as Ptolemy
  • Christopher Sciueref as King Phillip
  • Marie-Batoul Prenant as Euridyce
  • Alain Ali Washnevsky as Mazaeus

The series is directed by Hugh Ballantyne and Stuart Elliot, with Tony Mitchell as the showrunner.

The six-part docuseries will explore the life of Alexander, a young man born in Pella, the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia, in 356 B.C. Following the assassination of his father, he faced exile and went on to achieve remarkable feats during his reign. These feats included uniting the Greek city-states, previously thought impossible, and leading the Corinthian League to forge a powerful alliance.

The story features a time-traveling journey through the captivating documentary about the legendary Alexander the Great. It will show the discoveries and truth behind the myth as we delve into the details of the extraordinary life of this fearless conqueror. So, get ready as this compelling docudrama soon takes the spotlight on Netflix.

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