Saw XI Receives an Official Release Date

Saw XI is officially on the way, and there are many updates about the latest instalment in the epic horror franchise.

Saw XI: Release Date

Saw XI will be released this fall on September 27, 2024.

Lionsgate Studios has announced that Saw XI, the eleventh film in the body horror franchise, is currently developing. The film’s official social media accounts revealed the official release date through a post in December 2023.


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Saw X: Box Office Heights

The announcement for Saw XI came quickly after the release of the tenth instalment, which was one of the best-reviewed movies of the franchise. Saw X was successful at the box office and received positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, with an audience score of 89%. It was released on September 29, 2023, and made $53 million in North America and $107 million worldwide. The film only cost $13 million, so it was a profitable sequel.

Tobin Bell  as John Kramer returned in Saw X because it is a prequel set between the first and second films; he died in Saw III, due to which Bell has appeared in other instalments through flashbacks.

Saw XI
Saw XI Receives an Official Release Date

Moreover, the last movie, Saw X, ended without a defined closure, and the Instagram post revealing the release date for the upcoming movie hints that the “game continues.” Therefore, it is likely that Saw XI will be a continuation of the last film. Currently, there are no confirmed cast members for Saw XI.

The producers for the upcoming movie Saw XI are:

Mark Burg – Producer

Oren Koules – Producer

James Wan – Executive Producer

Jason Constantine – Executive Producer

Daniel J. Heffner – Executive Producer

Ketura Kestin – Executive Producer

Stacey Testro – Executive Producer

Leigh Whannell – Executive Producer

Lionsgate Films has yet to announce a director for the sequel. Kevin Greutert, the director of Saw X, previously directed the sixth and seventh instalments in the franchise. However, whether he will return for the next Film is unknown.

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Is There an Official Plot?

Unfortunately, the upcoming movie’s plot is still a secret, but the producer Oren Koules of Saw XI has given some hints. He suggests that the movie may continue the story of Saw X and focus on Cecilia, who is still alive. Tobin and Shawnee are currently in a foreign country, making it logical to continue the story there. Cecilia is the main antagonist in the prequel story of John Kramer in Saw X. She angers Jigsaw by providing him with a fake miracle cure for his cancer, and she subsequently faces his horrific psychological traps and torture. Saw X served as a prequel and a sequel, following Jigsaw’s journey to Mexico City for his brain tumor treatment.

According to Screen Rant, the post-credits scene suggests what may happen in future instalments of the Saw series. John Kramer and Mark Hoffman are shown together in the familiar Saw room, beginning a new game with Henry Kessler (Michael Beach).

Saw XI will be released this fall, close to Halloween, and nothing else could have been better for Saw fans. Stay connected for more updates.

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