Ted Lasso Season 3 Storyline, Release Date, and Cast Revealed

Ted Lasso Season 3 is currently in production and fans can’t wait to watch their favorite soccer team in action again!

Ted Lasso is a sports comedy-drama TV series that has won the hearts of millions of viewers! It features the story of Ted as he helps the AFC  Richmond team reach new heights of success. The plot deals with issues like mental health, anxiety, self-worth, and friendships.

Currently, the series has two seasons with a third one in the making. Does it have a release date? Are there any spoilers? Keep on reading to find out everything there is to know about Ted Lasso Season 3.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Release Date 

Ted Lasso made its debut in 2020 with a second season following suit in 2021. The series was green-lit for a third season in 2020, even before the premiere of the second season. This did not come as a surprise as the comedy TV series was a hit from day 1! Its first season received the status of Apple’s number-one comedy in 50 countries! The stats were reported by Deadline.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Storyline, Release Date, and Cast Revealed
Ted Lasso Season 3 Storyline, Release Date, and Cast Revealed

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The script for season three is done and dusted and production has begun. Cristo Fernández, the star who plays Dani, confirmed the news in an interview with PopCulture saying,

“We’ve been shooting for the last two months, things are going well, and I’m hopeful. Hopefully, the fans will love our Season 3, which, hopefully, will be at the end of the year as well, out.”

Although the release date is not confirmed by Apple TV+, it’s shaping up to be in 2022! If all goes well, we may get to see our favorite American Football Coach and the AFC Richmond team return to our screens by the end of this year.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Cast

Apple has not released the official cast list for Ted Lasso Season 3. However, The Hollywood Reporter reported that the following cast members will be returning for the upcoming season, 

  • Jason Sudeikis – Ted Lasso- The American Football Coach who takes on the job to coach an English soccer team
  • Hannah Waddingham – Rebecca Welton – Owner of AFC Richmond
  • Brett Goldstein – Roy Kent – Assistant Coach of AFC Richmond
  • Brendan Hunt – Coach Beard- Lasso’s assistant
Ted Lasso Season 3 Cast
Ted Lasso Season 3 Cast

Additionally, Juno Temple will also be returning for Season 3. “Don’t worry my loves, Keeley will be on-screen power walking her way through season 3 x #TedLasso,” she announced the news on Twitter. 

Nick Mohammad (Nate) and Toheeb Jimoh (Sam Obisanya) will also return in the third season. 

Moreover, a new character will be joining the cast. Her name is Jodi Balfour and she will play the role of Jack, a “charming venture capitalist.”

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Ted Lasso Season 3 Plot

The last season ended with an extremely emotional and overwhelming finale! AFC Richmond is now in the Premier League! Moreover, Nate is coaching his own team, West Ham United. He ratted Ted out and told the news outlets about his panic attacks! Although Ted apologized for making Nate feel ignored, he does not care much for the apology and is still angry. 

Season 3 will deal with Nate and Ted’s relationship. Will it get better? Or will a resolution between the two never take place? 

Additionally, Trent gets fired from his job as a journalist for disclosing Nate’s name to Ted. What does the future hold for him now? What will be his new job? 

Season 3 will also deal with Keeley and Roy’s relationship. Are they going to split up? Or will they find a way to make things work? 

Season 2 left several threads untied and fans have 1000 questions that can only be answered once Season 3 comes out.

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Is there a Trailer? 

Production for season 3 is still in the works. Thus, no trailer is available for it as of yet. 

The predicted release date for Ted Lasso season 3 is the end of 2022. Thus, we may get a trailer during the fall of this year. 

Spoilers for Season 3 

The series showrunners have revealed that Season 3 will deal with the beginning stories of several characters. 

Producer Liza Katzer announced in an interview with Deadline that, 

“I think it’s just more of what everyone loves and what has worked and just going deeper into the characters … into the backstories.”

Producer Kip Kroeger further added to this by saying, 

“We’re going to get a little more information about where they came from.”

Director Declan Lowney also said that the upcoming season will be full of plot twists and heart-stopping surprises. He said, 

“Knowing those guys there’s bound to be a bunch of surprises, things you didn’t see coming, some curveballs in there.”

The cast members have not revealed any spoilers as they themselves are kept in the dark. They too do not know about the fates of their characters and are just going with the flow!  

Actress June Temple addressed this situation saying, 

“I don’t know huge amounts of what’s going to happen to Keeley, but there’s something very special about that too, because it means you’re kind of living life as Keeley for five months and you can’t predict the future too much.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How many episodes will Ted Lasso Season 3 have? 

Ted Lasso season 3 will have 12 episodes as confirmed by co-creator and star Jason Sudeikis, 

“They, being Apple, asked for 12 episodes and this time, ahead of time. So, we’ll be doing 12 episodes as of now.”

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Will Season 3 be the end of the Ted Lasso series?

Unfortunately, Ted Lasso was produced as a three-season arc. Writer Goldstein revealed that the third season will probably be the last one in the series, 

“We are writing it [as an ending to the show]. It was planned as three. Spoiler alert: everyone dies.”

Sudeikis also confirmed that he envisioned Ted Lasso as a three-season show. 

“The story that’s being told—that three-season arc—is one that I see, know, and understood. I’m glad that they are willing to pay for those three seasons. As far as what happens after that, who knows? I don’t know.”


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