Gary Kent Died at 89 – What is Gary Kent Cause of Death?

What a sad year this has been so far! Another legend—Gary Kent—has become history as the American actor, stuntperson, and film director, died at 89 on May 25, 2023. Lamentably, he passed away just a few days before his 90th birthday. He was a unique and recognized media personality, and his appearance in multiple grindhouses and independent and exploitation movies rose him to the heights of success, with many now wondering what Gary Kent cause of death was. So, let’s shed light on Gary Kent cause of death.

Gary Kent Cause Of Death 

Gary Kent Cause of death has not yet been confirmed. As per his son’s statement, Chris Kent, his beloved father, left us all on Thursday at an assisted living facility in Austin.

Gary Kent Died at 89 – What is Gary Kent Cause of Death?
Gary Kent Died at 89 – What is Gary Kent Cause of Death?

The late Kent Gary’s career seems appealing to all aspirant actors. However, the pain he endured throughout his life in the entertainment industry is enough to give anyone a staunch jolt. A bar fighter in a scuffle had his arm cut to the bone on a crushed glass in Hell’s Angels on Wheels in 1967. Also, in 1968’s The Savage Seven, where he was sharing the screen with Penny Marshall, an uncontrollable motorcycle ran over him, granting him deadly wounds. 

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Furthermore, Gary Kent’s career in the entertainment world spanned half a century. Unfortunately, a disastrous tumble from a hill on the set of Bubba Ho-Tep mutilated his leg and ended his career in 2002. These strikes of bad luck somehow contributed to Gary Kent cause of death.

A Brief Look At Gary Kent’s Early Life 

Gary Kent was born on June 7, 1933, in Walla Walla, Washington, to Arthur E. And Lola Kent. He studied at Renton High School.

Moreover, the stuntman of Hollywood received a degree in journalism from the University of Washington before making his movie debut. Kent also played football and was a pole vaulter for the Huskies.

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In addition, he joined the United States Naval Air Force, where he inscribed promotion and publicity for the Blue Angels—the Navy’s nonpareil flying team. Then, he shifted to Houston, where he worked at the Alley and Playhouse theaters.

Gary Kent’s Career 

He moved to LA in 1958 and began working in movies. Gary Kent tried his hand at stunts and directed heroic actions for top-notch directors such as Al Adamson, Richard Rush, Don Jones, Peter Bogdanovich, Brian De Palma, Monte Hellman, and Ray Dennis Steckler.

He started his career by landing a role in Legion of the Doomed. Kent’s first stunt was included in Nicholson’s films, The Shooting and Ride in The Whirlwind. These movies were shot back to back under the supervision of Monte Hellman in Kanab, Utah.

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Gary Kent’s Book 

In 2009, his memoir, Shadows & Light: Journeys With Outlaws in Revolutionary Hollywood, was published, in which he shared his insights on breaking film taboos and anathemas. He also articulated how his stunt career came to an end and how he put all his attention into independent films.


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