Feud Season 2 Release Date at FX

FX confirmed the renewal of Feud a long time ago because of its impressive viewership and ratings. The first season premiered around 5 years ago. So, the renewal news not only revived the fandom but also boosted the views of the first season. After all, it is one of the best productions of Ryan Murphy. Hence the hiatus is understandable. But were there any other reasons behind this long gap? Moreover, when will Feud Season 2 premiere? To find out, continue reading the article!

Feud Season 2: Is there a release date for the second season so far?

The show’s story was so well written that FX ordered the second season even before the show debuted. The first season had eight episodes, and the second season will have the same number of episodes. Most likely, they will also follow the same weekly schedule. 

Unfortunately, FX has not issued an official release date for Feud Season 2. So, we will have to remain patient. 

Feud Season 2: Is there a release date for the second season so far?
Feud Season 2: Is there a release date for the second season so far?

In the past, the show has suffered a lot. After it premiered, Ryan Murphy showed interest in continuing with the show further. However, in 2019 he dropped the idea. And claimed that his focus has shifted due to his deal with Netflix. So, the hiatus began from there. But John Robin Baitz saved the show from going down. He will now serve as the showrunner and writer for the second season. This is a major change. But hopefully, the essence of the show will remain intact. 

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During those months of hiatus, we were barely receiving any news. Which was a clear indicator of the fact that production on the show hadn’t begun. But recently we have received major updates about the new characters and the celebrities who will be playing it. Naomi Watts will feature Babe Paley, the protagonist of the miniseries. Meanwhile, Gus Van Sant will direct all of the eight episodes. This is truly a talented team, as the majority of them have worked on mainstream projects. So, the outcome will definitely be worth our time. 

The show is an anthology series. Hence the second season will not be a continuation of the first one. The inspiration for the second season comes from “Capote’s Women: A True Story of Love, Betrayal, and a Swan Song for an Era’. The plot of this book revolves around Capote, an author, and how he goes around betraying his female friends. These female friends have a specific word for them. The author refers to them as ‘swans.’ There are several pieces of media telling the same version of this tale. So, you can check them out as well!

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The first season of Feud was so well received because of the reality that it depicted. Especially how older women are treated in this industry. There is no doubt that the show proved to be successful in bringing out the past into the present. We have similar hopes from the second season of Feud as well. 

So, there is no release date for Feud Season 2 so far as the second season is still in the phase where the cast is being decided. Therefore you’ll have to remain patient a little longer. That was everything relevant that you needed to know about Feud Season 2. For more such updates, don’t forget to bookmark this page!

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